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On October 9, 2015:

Teen Wolf introduced the trailer:

Sense of humor is back!

“We went pretty dark in 5A,” Davis said. “We’re getting our sense of humor back, we like to say, in 5B. It’s gonna be much more fun. I told Tyler [Posey] we’re gonna see him as a badass alpha. Tyler kicks ass up and down the sets of Teen Wolf."

Chris Argent and Deucalion are back!

Like you see in the trailer.

Here is the video to see more questions of comic con. But now we are going a little further than that.

The Beast:

'La Bete' (The Beast) is going to be the big bad in 5B. Theo thinks 'La Bete' is the ticket to get what he wants.

What does Theo want?

Theo wants to be a real werewolf.


Scott has been on his lowest point. He died for 15 minutes and came back. He will do what Melissa (His mom) said. Give the pack hope. Scott will be a Badass Alpha. Every episode is about getting someone or more people back. Scott and Stiles will get back up. Scott won't trust Theo anymore. But Scott might know that Theo is also a victim. But what's cool to know is Scott is going to kick ass. But you can see Scott isn't healing. So we know it's always something, why they don't wanna heal. Is Scott scared? Does Scott feel betrayed? We'll find out. But it won't be Kira that helps Scott healing.


Stiles will be funny again. But in Episode 1 he'll fight Scott. But Scott won't fight back. Stiles will get his Bromance again with Scott. Stiles has issues and we'll see them move away in 5B. Stiles and Lydia will have an 'Epic' moment. It's up to Stiles to save Lydia.


Lydia is in Eichen House. Her mother put her there. Lydia will learn how to use her voice as a power. Lydia will have a huge part in 5B. We'll see her in the water in Episode 1. She'll find out about Theo. Why he let his sister die. What's wrong with him and everything we need to know.


Malia is going to be a big part, because the desert wolf. Braeden will help her. At some point Malia will trust Theo. But Malia will kick some ass. But she'll need Scott in Episode 14. That's where she enters the pack again.


We'll see the bromance of Liam and Mason. We'll also see Liam is moving into a dramatic role. Because what he did to Scott. But Hayden will be there too. Liam will have a 'Huge' fight in Episode 15. What leads us to Episode 16 where Liam will probably be back in Scott's pack.


Kira and her Kitsune will have some issues that we'll see in Episode 12 and 13. she's in Mexico in Episode 12. That's where she returns to Teen Wolf. In Episode 13 she'll be back in Beacon Hills. Kira and Scott's romance will become stronger or Scott will have to let Kira go forever because he has to protect her.


Parrish will learn a lot till episode 15. He won't be Lydia's lover. But we'll see why they're so connected. And that will probably not end. Parrish hopes to get some help. But with 'La Bete' he has to fight a lot. But the Dread Doctors didn't expect Parrish to be so strong. What leads us to an 'Epic' moment in Episode 18. If Parrish is going to end up in the pack. We don't know. But according to Ryan Kelley he is.


We'll find out everything we need to know. Theo wants to become a real werewolf. But if he gets what he wants. IF we won't know if he's good or bad. But Theo will always be a badass.


There is a lot of comedy for Mason. Mason will be a big part in this. because he will get a lover. A new big friend. And he will build up his bromance with Liam. Mason is actually the only 1 left in Scott's pack.


Stilinski will be in the hospital for a long time. Scott and Stiles will fight for his life in Episode 11.


There's a new creature coming to Teen Wolf. Called 'Skinwalker'. The Skinwalkers can shift into any animal and steal peoples ID.

Tonantzin Carmelo joined the cast as October came to an end. So if she's a Skinwalker we don't know.

Opening Credits:

There has been said something that the opening credits will be changed. If it's true, i don't know. But it would look like this according to Movie Pilot's Jackson Wolves:,manual,manual,manual,manual

That's the link.

So what can we expect in Season 5B:

We can expect more surprises. Jeff Davis teased us with "Chris Argent isn't the only Argent returning." What we know it isn't Allison. And after the return of Coach Bobby Finstock was announced by Arden Cho. Jeff teased us again "There will be more surprises. i can say more than 1 or 2."

Coach returns:

Fan Favorite Coach Bobby Finstock returns in Episode 17. Orny Adams came on set of Teen Wolf in his 1 month break to film 1 or maybe 2 Episodes.

Isaac's return:

Now that Colton is back on Arrow we probably know he isn't back in Season 5B of Teen Wolf. But Isaac might return. If it's true, we don't know. But Isaac is hanging out a lot in LA. With Ryan Kelley, Shelley Hennig, Tyler Hoechlin, JR Bourne, etc.

New Trailer:

According to Movie Pilot and Ryan's Blog it says that a Teen Wolf's new trailer won't be released in November. Teen Wolf is filming episode 18 now. According to Movie Pilot Teen Wolf will release a promo of Episode 11 and 12 in the last 2 weeks of December. After the premiere they will probably release a trailer over Episode 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 and 19. 20 isn't in that trailer, according to Movie Pilot.

Season 6 and a Movie?

According to Christian Post Teen Wolf might have a movie after Season 6. They might use the movie to end all the originals and let them go off to college. Some a little closer than others. Liam would move into a Co Lead role and Stiles into a recurring character because of his career what can mean that he is in it 4 Episodes or maybe 19.

Season 7:

According to Movie Pilot in Season 7 we'll see more of Liam and Scott, with Mason, Hayden, Corey, a new Hale and Argent and Parrish. Lydia, Malia, Kira, Isaac, Jackson, etc. will be used as Guest stars. Eichen House will also be used.

Season 6 and a Movie and Season 7. Are rumors. All what u read about it isn't announced.

Brett will return in Season 5B:

Brett announced on Twitter that he returns to Teen Wolf. Brett might be a lot in Season 6. But in Season 5B he will return for 3 or 4 Episodes.

Teen Wolf is set to return on January 5, 2016 at 9PM.


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