ByMatthew Martelo, writer at
I hope you get this comment cause it comes from an extreme DBZ fan who in so many volgur words is very disappointed in the mockery that was DBZ evolution. I have watched your saiyan sage short and thank you!!! You are on the right track! I love all that is DBZ and we are desperately, as fans, are owed a better well, everything that evolution was not. I think it is great that you are not trying to change DBZ but keeping it the hit it is. Just replacing anime with life. That is all that is needed. If you get the chance, and I pray that you do, to bring something as epic as DBZ is to the screen with flesh and blood! In my opinion will be a fantastic ride all over again. DBZ is awesome for what it WILL BE AND SHOULD BE, when it is brought to life. If the world liked it as an anime it, and I promise you this, will be an even bigger hit than it was. I wish you all the best and I know DBZ front, back, side to side, in side and out just as all true fans do. Please don't make the mistake of changing a thing YET!!!!! Give us what we want, which is breathtaking melee and then give us what we need...... Which is MORE!!!!!! All the best to all of you. Sincerely FAN # 1 [email protected] P.S. I will be watching and on the edge of my seat holding my breath, WAITING:-D

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