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It's been around seventy hours since Jessica Jones came onto Netflix. An entire first season of 13 episodes all at once, available for our binge-watching pleasure. But in that time I managed to get through all of it, as any fanatic would probably end up doing. What this means is I know how amazing this show is, and I can assure you all that there are a lot of reasons why you should be watching this show at this very moment! Here are some of them so you know to go watch it!

1. Jessica!

Obviously the main character in a series like this needs to be fantastic for the show to work at all, and Krysten Ritter produces an amazing performance as Jessica. The haunting look in her eyes, especially in the first episode, was just perfect to the background of this character. While shows like Supergirl are brilliant for empowering women and showing how they can be every bit the hero a man can be, this series doesn't even need to mention that for you to know it.

2. Luke!

And then there is Luke Cage. Mike Colter also produces an incredible performance in this show as the unbreakable man. While he tries not to show the power he has, he simply gives out waves of strength. Luke Cage is known as a powerhouse, and it is important before starring in his own series that this character is shown to have more depth than his strength, and he did that by starring in Jessica Jones.

3. Kilgrave!

But while both of their performances rocked this show for me, I think that the best one of all was David Tennant as Kevin "Purple Man" Kilgrave. I have to say that like many people I find a lot of MCU villains slightly disappointing, but Netflix series of 13 episodes give you so much more time to go into depth about the back story of both the hero and the villain. What Daredevil did with both Matt and Wilson showed what we could expect from Jessica and Kilgrave, but what they went further and did with Kilgrave makes him one of my favourite MCU villains. David Tennant is a favourite of mine in general, but this was the first time I have seen him go so deep into a totally insane character, and I loved it! This character is more used to getting his way than anyone in the world, and this gives him such strange, deep-seated psychological problems that you couldn't imagine how to play such a character, unless you are the tenth doctor of course!

4. The Origin!

The back story already established by the time the series starts almost makes you feel like you're missing something, but whether or not you are familiar with the comic book origin of Jessica and Kilgrave, their origin in the MCU is very well put across through Ritter and Tennant's performances.

5. The Story!

In the first episode (SPOILERS) Jessica finds out that Kilgrave is back and ready to terrorize her once again. How can you make the battle between them, the epic chess game that they play, last for almost twelve hours of run time? Simple, you go through an epic story with as many twists and turns as this one. There are barely any villains apart from Kilgrave himself throughout, and that is incredible to see. It is all about the two of them taking each other on, fighting a struggle they have been fighting a long time.

6. The World!

The world formed by the MCU is very different to their netflix series. The thing about Daredevil is that it spent time forming the type of world we are to expect from Marvel and Netflix. But what Jessica Jones did was to expand upon this world, and then make it even darker. Much like Daredevil, it was able to focus and tell the story of many side characters without having to focus much screen time on them.

7. The Brutality!

As I said, this is a very dark, gritty world as we knew seeing Matt Murdock tearing apart bad guys. But this show went further, much further. Jessica and Luke beat the crap out of lots of guys, but there are also some (well publicised) sex scenes between Jessica and Luke that make this show very dark and gritty. Not for the faint hearted!

8. The Easter Eggs!

Everything ever made inside the MCU is full of easter eggs. From a reference to a villain that was in one issue of Iron Man in the 1960's to a hint at another hero entering the fray in the future, they are everywhere, and Jessica Jones is no different. While this article is meant to be spoiler free, I will say that there are a lot of interesting hints towards heroes and villains that may be around in future seasons.

9. The Romance!

While an unconventional relationship, what Jessica and Luke have is beautiful. They are so similar in their strange ways. Neither of them is able to find their place in the world because they are both so different to everyone around them. They just come together so well, everything from the way they look at each other to their talk and the way that you can tell how much they care from just seeing them together, it's all perfect. You don't get many comic book relationships, and I am a long time fan of this one because it doesn't get tampered with!

10. The Defenders!

There are subtle hints occurring throughout this season that let you know the four heroes (at least) will eventually join together for an epic show. I still can't fathom how awesome a show with these four in it will be, but that's for us to think about later so our minds don't get blown. I do have to say that there is a particular episode with a character in it that starts linking the shows together, and it's awesome!

11. The Finale!

The 13th and final episode in the first season is honestly one of the best episodes of television that I can remember ever seeing. The finale is so intricate, so perfectly crafted, that it made me pause it halfway through for a long time because I didn't want it to end. It was an amazing end to an amazing ride of a season, and it leaves our hero in a great place to continue for another season, which I imagine will be confirmed in a day or two!

Thanks for reading guys! I assure you more Jessica Jones related articles will be coming soon, so if you're interested then click on the big blue follow button below!


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