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Peter Pan: That name brings countless memories to children and adults. As a guy who grew up watching the classic Disney cartoon, i loved it. When i heard a live action prequel to Peter Pan was happening with Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard? Hell, this could be awesome.

Let's just say, what happened:

The Good:

BlackBeard On Some Good Ass Weed, Bro!
BlackBeard On Some Good Ass Weed, Bro!

Let's kick things right off the bat with the visuals: They were stunning, i gotta admit, Blackbeard's ship, and Neverland looked like the real deal, i gotta agree the make up of the pirates looked amazing, and the cinematography was looking good, Hugh Jackman as BlackBeard was definetily one of the best things in this movie, even if other people might not agree.

The Acting was generally good, the child actor was fine, the others were quite good. The experience of watching it in the theater (There was nothing else there, don't judge me) was fantastic.

But, Let's see where this movie fails:

The Bad:

Let's talk about Peter Pan for a moment, we all know him as the happy, doesn't-give-many-fucks kind of guy, granted this was a prequel, but the character missed that sense of adventure he was come to be know for, i mean, yeah, he was just a kid, but he spend most of the movie, as a scared little kid, going into this, you would think that he would have that sense of adventure in him ever since childhood.

The other negative points are the out of place music in the beggining and the whitewashing, which i don't care most of the time, just felt wrong. To cut to the chase, this is a rather mediocre but fun film to take kids to. They are thrilled, and i gotta admit, this was a fun movie, but it's flaws can't be ignored, as much i wanted them to be.


As i said, the perfect movie to take kids to. Fun, A little campy, but who cares? Fun movie means Fun Movie!

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