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It’s hard to keep track of all these new movies coming out with remakes or reboots. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. I can think of three reasons as to why we keep getting all these reboots:

1. The movie adaption was so horrible that a retelling of it needed to be done ASAP! Examples of this is Hulk(2003) and The Incredible Hulk(2008), Spider-Man(2002) and The Amazing Spider-Man(2012). Granted that the Spider-Man franchise was ruined by the third installment in 2007… it is still a reboot, and it is getting the reboot treatment again…

2. A retelling for a new generation.

Examples of this would be Oceans 11(2001), True Grit(2010) and The Ring(2002). I know. Most of these are remakes, but they can be reboots too. These movies are perfect because they surpass the originals and attract not only a younger generation but also a generation in America.

3. Hollywood is running out of ideas.

These are movies that are rebooted for either money grabs or they just basically thought that a reboot would be best because they ran out of ideas.

There are too many examples of this… So I just won’t get into it.

There is one movie that I believe needs a reboot and it is for reason number one that I listed above.

This movie is The Book of Mormon Movie(2003). Not to be confused with The Book of Mormon Musical. Which is loosely based on worldly depictions of Mormon Missionaries. Now The Book of Mormon Movie is based on the first chapters in The Book of Mormon.

Just to give you an idea of what type of movie this is, it is essentially adapting a story from The Bible to be made for the big screen like The Ten Commandments.

For those of you that don’t know what the movie is about, here is a plot summary:

Jerusalem 600 B.C. An aged Prophet(Lehi) is given a vision of the Babylonian Captivity. He is forced to take his family away so that they don’t meet Jerusalem’s fate. Before they leave for good; Lehi asks his sons(Laman, Lemuel, Sam and Nephi) to retrieve the records of the Jews and beckon a dear family friend of Lehi(Ishmael), and his family to join them on their journey to the Americas. They barely make it out alive with huge obstacles in their way. One of which was a man(Laban) who held the records of the Jews and wanted Lehi’s sons killed. The other was having rebellious sons(Laman and Lemuel) not wanting to obey their own father and even take orders from their younger brother Nephi.

After successfully obtaining the records and leaving Jerusalem behind, they’re miraculously given a golden ball that acts like a compass for their 8 year journey in the Middle East.

Nephi, is then instructed by God to build a ship that will take him and his family across the great deep to the Americas.

Once they have reached their destination, Lehi falls ill and blesses his children before he dies. Laman and Lemuel aren’t pleased that Nephi is given control of the people after their father’s death. The older brothers decide to try to kill Nephi, but he is warned in a vision to flee with those who will follow him.

The brothers are divided and make war with each other. God curses Laman and Lemuel and their followers to have their skins changed and later become savages. Nephi and his followers are blessed by God and struggle in keeping the records of the Jews safe from the hands of their enemies, who happen to be their own flesh and blood…

Cool story huh? Now it just needs a reboot treatment! And here’s my list of actors/actresses who would be perfect for the main roles in the movie:

Nephi- The youngest son

Dylan O’Brien- He would be a perfect Nephi, especially with playing a young kid struggling to keep a team together from the Maze Running Series. Throughout the movie Nephi struggles to keep his family together as the face numerous trials.

Lehi- The father and Prophet.

Anthony Hopkins- He is just a perfect fatherly figure. We can see that in his movies like: Meet Joe Black and Thor.

Laman- The oldest rebellious son.

Ed Westwick- He did a magnificent job playing a villain as Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet(2013).

Lemuel- The second oldest rebellious son.

Kit Harington- After acting in Game of Thrones, It just makes sense that he was made to play in an epic movie.

Sam- The second to youngest son who follows Nephi to the very end.

Logan Lerman- It just would be neat to see him take on another epic movie like Percy Jackson. He did well in The Three Musketeers reboot, but sadly the movie itself was a flop.

Laban- The bad guy who wants to kill Lehi’s family.

Oscar Isaac- He played an outstanding hateful character in Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and even in Sucker Punch. Plus he's going to play the ultimate villain in X-Man: Apocalypse. So we can expect great things to happen with him being the villain in this reboot.

What do you think. Does this movie deserve a reboot?


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