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So I have to say while Elementary is a good show, I was disappointed when they combined the characters of Moriarty and Irene, then made Mycroft a fool. Making Moriarty a woman was fine, as was making Watson a woman, different genders allow a different set of interactions. I was momentarily accepting of Mycroft when we were lead to believe he was high up in MI6, but let down just as hard when it turned out he was not so high ranking after all, but now that he is with the CIA, maybe he could reach his potential as the original canon suggests.

That being said, Introducing John Noble, known for his role as Walter Bishop in Fringe and host of dark matters, as Mr. Holms. I am excited that he will be there for at least a few more episodes, and that his 'business' is a 'power or influence broker'.

When Irene escaped in season 2 she mentioned having a mentor that told her of certain patterns that she saved and added to, we know she was going to kill Sherlock, but then reconsidered. While she does admit to having feelings for Sherlock, and she would not kill such a 'work of art', we still must wonder why she was curious in the first place.

Is it possible that she was 'jealous' of her mentor's heir, the only one of a pair that showed promise? Did he forbid her from killing Sherlock? While the story, until actually recorded is amorphous and without true form, it is possible that, Mr. Morland Holms, dissatisfied with his son's refusal to follow in his footsteps, sought a protege that rose on her own and shared his moral ambiguity? Or he wanted his sons to have a worthy adversary to push them in his direction?

Morland is a curious name, so similar to Moriarty that it is possible she crafted a new identity to pay homage to her mentor, but changed it enough that others might glaze over it. Perhaps Morland is now also exerting influence to get his protege back, perhaps he is testing if his son is ready to follow him, or something more nefarious. Sherlock is, after all, convinced his father is 'A Lovecraftian horror that uses his wealth to bludgeon his way to ever more obscene profits.'

If this is where its heading, I think it should be a great season. If not, and the writers happen to peruse this, something to think about


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