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James Wood

People laugh at me when I say this is one of my all time favourite movies. Why do they laugh? Because it’s a musical? Because it’s a “girly” film? I tend to just smile it off and never rise to it because I don’t need to, I just think to myself if that’s your attitude then you’re not very open-minded with film. It’s great to try everything out, all genres to all types of film whether it’s extreme cinema or foreign film. I’m not a musical fan at all, and I class Pitch Perfect as a comedy that just happens to be about Acapella. These people that laugh are missing out on a riotously good fun film.

Pitch Perfect is easily the most enjoyable film of 2012, it isn't like Glee, it's something different, it's as eventful as the Eurovision and even more entertaining than putting the hilariously bad auditions seen on Britain's Got Talent and X-Factor. An exceptional ensemble of hugely talented actresses own the stage and screen taking chart topping hits and mixing them up with extraordinary style. It's unpredictable, crazy funny and there's a great pace to it, no boring moments, just all out fun.

There are no cringe or hard to listen to moments of singing which I sometimes find to be the case with musical films. Anna Kendrick’s cup song sequence is awesome, as is the audition montage featuring “Since U Been Gone”. The casts comedy timings hit every note consistently. Anna Kendrick is brilliant, Rebel Wilson is hilarious, her one liners, stage strutting madness and overall nuttiness will have you howling with laughter, same with the Hana Mae Lee as Lilly who whispers some strange and shocking lines, and by the finale she suddenly bursts into song, this movie is so uplifting.

Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp and the whole Bella group are spectacular, they are so entertaining to watch. The song performances are so infectiously brilliant that you can't help but sing along. I guarantee you'll be smiling throughout, and the ending at the finals is ten minutes of musical greatness, I was smiling the whole way, a must see movie with one of the best endings ever! Check out the sequel, it's the perfect follow-up!


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