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James Wood

Name any Halle Berry movie and you can't deny she has talent, despite a few hiccups like the infamous Catwoman, she is one of the all time great actresses, an Oscar winner and audiences like her. She played a feisty and memorable Bond girl and she's an X-Men favourite, whenever she's in a new movie I'm drawn to watching it, and as soon as I saw she was starring in The Call I set out to watch it.

In this nail biting thriller, Berry plays Jordan Turner, a 911 call operator who answers a call from an abducted young girl, but there is a twist: The kidnapper is potentially someone Jordan has come across in her past, a kidnapper that was never brought to justice. Utilising all her skills and knowledge Jordan attempts to rescue the girl before she disappears and her target claims his next innocent victim. Brad Anderson is the director and he stirs suspense and tension superbly, he focuses on close ups of the characters constantly, you feel what they feel and thanks to excellent performances from the cast, the intensity not only comes from them but the situation too.

I'm annoyed Halle Berry was Razzie nominated for her performance here, why? She sells a woman struck with regret and grief after her past failings, Berry is so convincing in this role, I'd love to see a sequel where she returns with another obstacle to face. Abigail Breslin is excellent, playing terrified and scared perfectly and Michael Eklund is one heck of a bad guy, he genuinely freaked me out, the lack of remorse and morals works so well in his performance. Would I watch this again? Definitely, its tension and dread build superbly despite a slightly undercooked ending.


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