Bybrandon lee, writer at Leigh's character alltogeher. Also, i wish they'd stop going overboard with all the people who know her secret idenity, as well as in the Flash and Green Arrow shows. Also, whatever happened to the exhuberant, somewhat naive and a tad overzealous Jimmy Olson. I have no problem with him being African-American but he shows no resemblance to the character I grew up with. As one reviewer perfectly put it, Supergirl is "Up Up And Ok" and I find that you saying it's the best superhero show ever after only four episodes is ridiculous and is so irresponsably lame and it puts me in a position of never taking anything you write to heart. However, i will continue watching the exploits of The Maiden Of Steel and hope they make a few minor adjustments. One more thing...Maybe when Kara needs some guidence now and then, she talk to her cousin Clark every few episodes, whether its by scipe, in person or even by phone. There's no need for him to be in costume but maybe it might add a little something. Hey! we all have our own opinions and thanks to the responders for hearing mine.

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