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The Mikealson polaroid picture " burning to ash"

Hi, my new topic is one I caught up on my own I would like to share with my readers and Klayley shippers espacscially. So having seen the season 2 finale my mind kept spinning around how Klaus and Hayleys relationship would evolve and how the dynamic for the Mikealson siblings would evolve going into season 3 and further. I rewatched the story telling scene with Klaus and Hope many times since this cute scene is the only nice thing besides a starting bonding between Klaus and Freya in this finale. So Klaus says to Hope while telling her a story and smiling, " ...even if everything seems burned to ash, in our story there is always another chapter to be told" In this season finale the last wite oak stake burned to ash along with Dhalia and Esther turning to ash after their death. Giving the fact that Klaus was telling Hope about his current relationships, I wondered towards what this sentence could be a remark to cause "things burning toash and now a new chapter begins" seemed to simple to me as an explanation why the TO writers chose to put a line like that into a scene who was supposed to serve as an overall closure for the season. As I remember the good time the family had in season 2 at the safe house and everything seemed logical for me except why they have placed Klaus so far away from his daughter and for Elijah to stand besides Hayley. I mean if you would not know that Klaus is the father, you would think it's Elijah right? So look at this picture Hayley is holding Hope, Elijah stands with his hand around Hayleys arm beside her. Rebekah stands between Klaus and Hayley, while she has her arm around Klaus and her hand on Hopes head. Everyone seems happy except Klaus. Now lets take the picture and that being the first thing to burn to ash in season 2 as a metaphorical device for the shows evolvement of relationships. To get into it better lets see how things were in terms of relationships with this people going from the moment the picture burned to ash. Klaus and Rebekah were on good terms, Klaus and Elijah were still a team but slowly starting to fight over things concerning Hayley, this time in a more heated up way when before. Hayley lived happily with Jackson and having Hope with her. At the end of the season finale everything of this things has changed in certain ways. Klaus has cursed Hayley and taken Hope from her. Klaus is now happy having Hope with him and in his arms if you reflect it on a picture. Hayley is sad and angry but still asks an angry Elijah to stay at Klaus side. Rebekah is angry at Klaus and " has left the picture", Freya ( who starts to form a bond with Klaus) comes in to fill her place in the family ( imagine the picture ) . Going into season 3 we start with two brothers at rift with each other, an angry, sad Hayley desperate to break the curse and be with her baby again, while Klaus is the doting father, but doesn't want to admit hs faults towards Hayley. Freya fills the mother role for Hope( what Rebekah did before) and calls Klaus out on tearing the family apart and actually worrying about Hayley despite his acts and claims. Freya is also the only one who trusts Klaus to not harm Hayley during their fight in 3x02. Klaus and Hayley are close to actually entering a custody war, but the outlook of Klaus death being forseen causes Hayley to be on the Mikealsons and Klaus's side again accepting the crazyness that comes with always and forever. Now that Rebekahs human body has been killed and she has been held hostage in her original one by Aurora, Klaus and Elijah have put their differences aside and Hayley and Freya have teamed up against Aurora for Rebekah. Even though the rest remains to be seen I think the recent evolvements show that Freya will be the one who will bring Klaus and Hayley together as a family with Hope and Klaus and Elijah will fix their bond where Freya might also play a part in (, while Rebekah is gone in whatever form) .

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