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We can all agree that Gotham has killed off or sent away too many characters that could have had a definite future on the show and most likely could have made the show ten times better. Personally, I was pretty upset with a lot of the deaths on Gotham. So as Gotham draws to a close with only one episode left, here are my top five Gotham deaths that shouldn't have happened.

5. Sal Maroni (played by David Zayas)

The ambitious and young Sal Maroni rival of Carmine Falcone and humble restaurateur faced his ultimate demise ultimately because of himself due to remarks he made about Fish Mooney. By saying this I feel like all we only saw a pompous man and what I would have liked to have seem is some more underhanded work by Maroni. We saw a lot of underhanded work from Falcone but I wanted to see more Maroni and Penguin in a power struggle and Maroni trying to aline himself with a lot of the up and coming criminals throughout Gotham. Since Falcone left Gotham I sorta hoped Maroni would have an awesome face off with Penguin. On the other hand, I understand why Maroni had to go, so that the new criminal groups could rise to power. Still, I wish I could have seen more of Maroni's drug trade, unions, operations on the waterfront, and gun smuggling in action.

4. Sarah Essen (played by Zabryna Guevara)

From Captain to Commissioner, and BFF with James Gordon, Commissioner Essen seemed to have it all. She was an honest cop who worked to abolish corruption in the department (obviously, these kinds of characters are doomed to die). With Gotham being a show full of corrupt characters, very rarely there is a light in all of that dark, and that's sorta why I wish she were still around. I feel the show set her up for greatness and tore it all away. I feel her death was a pointless one at least at that moment or time. I feel it would have been an interesting interaction in between Gordon and her as they faced the new criminals. Still, I understand they had to kill her off to introduce Nathaniel Barnes (played by Michael Chiklis) which brought a more brutal way to fight crime in Gotham, while also befriending Gordon. Overall though, I wish we could have seen more of what Sarah Essen could do with her new job position.

3. Reginald "Reggie" Payne (played by David O'Hara)

Reginald Payne a.k.a Reggie was a private investigator for the Wayne Enterprises's board of directors. Sadly, this promising character met his demise at the hand of Selina Kyle by being pushed out a window in an effort to reach his drugs. This character could have been promising for Gotham. To be completely honest, I sorta wanted Reggie to go back to the board and tell them about Bruce. His death was kinda pointless, it didn't really do anything for either Bruce or Selina and was kinda pushed to the side from that point on. I feel Reggie did not really have a reason to die. Yes, I know that he stabbed Alfred but Reggie could have really caused some issues for Bruce and could have helped the board to be a bigger threat within Bruce's storyline. Instead, exploring the notion of the board as an enemy within Gotham has not really been touched upon, and that whole part of Bruce's story line have kinda been abandoned. Reggie could have made the board a bigger threat and could have introduced an interesting new story moving away from the regular Batman villains.

2. Maria Mercedes "Fish" Mooney (played by Jada Pinkett Smith)

Fish Mooney, former nightclub owner and mobster is regularly torn down, yet always seems to rise again despite what she's been through. From surviving a prison run by the Dollmaker, to shooting Maroni in the head, she definitely seems like a force to be reckoned with. So that's why her death wasn't as fulfilling as everyone was thinking it would be. That's part of the reason why I thought she should have stayed longer. I feel her character was not fully developed and could have offered so much more to the Gotham universe. Honestly, it would be pretty interesting to see her partner take on one of the up and coming villains, or face off against Penguin in a final battle (one of those is at least more satisfying than a fall like the one she took). I understand that her story was pretty much wrapped up by the end of the past season, but I feel like she could have had more character development and partnerships which would make the show more intriguing (just imagine her and Theo Galavan).

1. Jerome Valeska (played by Cameron Monaghan)

Jerome Valeska, the psychopathic self-proclaimed leader of the Maniax, murdered his entire family and makes his last stand at the Gotham Children's Gala. This has to be the most upsetting death for me personally. Jerome, out of everyone on this list had the most potential to be one of the leads of the show. His character was the most intriguing and I personally think that he and the Maniax would have become the biggest threat in the city. I feel Gotham just threw away an amazing storyline and character who really brought life to the show. The show has basically taken a step backwards since killing him off. I really expected Jerome to go all the way. He had the entire look, and his interaction with Bruce at the gala definitely made the character for me. I really liked the character and his death was most likely the most unnecessary death on the show by far.

So those are my five character deaths that were unnecessary on the show. Even though these characters are gone now, Gotham is still an amazing TV show which everyone should check out! Here's the preview for the next episode.


Who do you believe should have stuck around just a little longer?


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