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Poof! The band of street-magician rogues are back in an all new adventure, but not too new. Now you see me 2 is the sequel to the surprise breakout hit that dazzled audiences in 2013. The sequel will be directed by John M. Chu, who also directed Jem and the holograms which bombed miserably at the box office after the fan-rage that immediately followed the first trailer release. Now you see me 2 could serve as an apology to Jem-fans and John M. Chu fans who lost confidence in the director after helming such a disaster. But keep in mind that he only directed the film and wasn't the prime reason for the movie's failure. If the trailer for this movie is any indication, it's safe to say that Chu will more than make up for Jem in spades.

Here's the plot synopsis:

A year after the events of the first film, Arthur Tressler's (Michael Caine) son, Walter (Daniel Radcliffe), seeks to bring "The Four Horsemen" to justice, after his father's imprisonment.

Let the revenge/retribution crusade reign supreme! Tressler's son seems to be gunning for the horsemen and that's all that's on his mind at the moment. Walter is more than ready to chase Atlas and his crew to the moon if it means the release of his father and the imprisonment of those responsible for his new lease on life behind bars. Question is, can Walter outsmart these clever street-magicians? Or will he simply be the latest unwilling participant to fall victim to another vanishing act?

Now you see me has become many things, but now, and this was inevitable, it has become a franchise. This second film will be the perfect set-up for a sequel that is already being conjured up by the heads as Lionsgate, who smile with glee at how ingenious the very idea sounds as they laugh at each others jokes. Based on the excitement and various reactions that followed the trailer, it seems like there is still interest in the characters, the story, and of course, the illusions. That's music to the studio's ears as they prep a third entry.

Much attributed to the success of the first movie, and the success of a second outing seems assured. The cast for this film is phenomenal, and even more so because of how the actors in it still maintain their own fanbases and keep themselves busy outside their respective roles in the series. The gimmick. Yep, every movie franchise has some kind of gimmick that makes people want to keep coming back for a satisfying spectacle. The illusions and magic tricks in these films may seem unreal and theoretically impossible, but they still capture the attention of adults who had childhood dreams of being magicians, or who enjoyed watching magicians perform tricks on stage or at parties. Given the performance of the last film and the mostly positive reception that the new trailer received, the film could win big at the box-office and make victory rounds internationally. Overall, looks like the show must go on, and the fans couldn't be any happier about it.


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