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On today's episode of Ghost Beaters: Ash goes on one hell of an acid trip, Fisher and Ruby become besties, Pablo returns home, and more bad stuff happens.

Continuing from the last episode, Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) , Pablo (played by Ray Santiago) and Kelly (played by Dana DeLorenzo) make their way to Pablo's uncle, Brujo, a shaman. The gang is also recovering after almost dying thanks to the demon, Eligos. After being attacked by some more evil, they arrive at Brujo's (which repels the evil). We find out that Pablo's uncle isn't too happy to see him since Pablo turned his back on his family and culture. Seeing that the power of a Jefe glows within Ash (well, more like dimly flickering), Brujo sends Ash on a quest inside himself to find the answers he seeks. We see into the mind of Ash and find his spiritual center, the place that makes him most happy, Jacksonville, Florida (and of course Ash has never actually been there so it looks like a postcard).

Meanwhile, Pablo starts making Ash a new hand to replace the one lost last episode while Kelly tries to recover from what she thinks is a headache. As the episode goes on, we find out that it's not a headache, but Eligos and he has now possessed Kelly.

Also during the episode, Fisher (played by Jill Marie Jones) and Ruby (played by Lucy Lawless) meet again with Ruby saving Fisher from a Deadite. They decide to work together since they believe Ash is responsible for all the chaos. We get to see Ruby kick some ass and we learn that she thinks Ash killed her parents and sister. We also see that Ruby might have some secrets when the Deadite says to her "We know who you are, You are-" before she decapitates it.

This episode didn't have as much gore as the other episodes. There were some gory bits during the Ruby and Fisher scenes though. It was interesting and funny seeing Ash having a crazy ass acid trip. We do get to see some flashbacks to Evil Dead 2 and that was pretty cool.

This episode was good, but not as good as the other 3 episodes. We get to know a bit about Pablo's past, we see that Kelly isn't doing good at the moment, and Ash... well, Ash was drinking beer and talking with his pet lizard, Eli. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, and while every episode has either began or ended before or after the next episode, this wasn't a full story like the other episode. It was still a good episode though and now I really can't wait till next week's episode.

I give this episode 9 out 10 chainsaws.


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