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Ash vs Evil Dead episode 4 titled Brujo had a LOT to digest as the team headed to Pablo's strange Uncle Brujo in search for some much needed help. We also learned that we had not seen the last of the demon Eligos, the return of a familar hand and just how important Jacksonville, Florida is to Ash Williams' life.


With Amanda chained up by Ash in the last episode, book store owner turned deadite is ready to swallow her soul so to speak. However Ruby arrives just in time and kills Lionel the poor deadite two times, this on top of him having to be killed in the previous episode. But she gets the job done. It is here that she confirms to Amanda that her parents were slayed by Ash (in Evil Dead 1) and that her sister was killed too, (in Evil Dead 2). Although we know that Ash killed the deadite versions, it seems that Ruby thinks that Ash was chainsaw bloody from the very start. Amanda agrees to team up with Ruby and go after Ash.


Before we get on with the rest of Brujo, let's just say a final farewell to Lionel Hawkins, the book store owner of Books From Beyond. Man, this guy got real unlucky to know Ash. All he wanted to do was help the guy, I mean it was Ash's idea to summon up a deadite, right? And what happened to this hapless dude. Stabbed by flying glass from Eligos right in the eye. Rammed by a pole into the chest by Ruby. If that wasn't bad enough he was then decapitated by Ruby and to finish it off had his decapitated head crushed in by her talk about having a bad day. I guess that's the last time anyone listens to Ash again.


After a hectic drive to meet Pablo's Uncle Brujo that included the Evil Dead force almost taking our heroes out, they finally reach base. Brujo is upset with Pablo because he thought his Uncle was crazy dabbling in the spiritual world, but now Pablo's eyes have been opened so to speak and they all need Brujo's help. Brujo can tell right off the bat that he is dealing with quite a character in Ash and it's fair to say that their first meeting doesn't get off to a great start- nonetheless Brujo is here to help.


Episode 4 could easily have been called Hands and we wouldn't have battered an eyelid. First up and this was very cool, Ruby revealed to Amanda that she had Ash's original hand that he chainsawed off in Evil Dead 2- and it was moving! Secondly Pablo (see above) spent the episode making Ash a new hand and it looked pretty damn cool to us. And finally in Ash's mind trip (see main pic) he has his other hand back. If Ash opts for Pablo's creation we could see Ash using that to good effect, either supping a beer, caressing an ass of the female kind or squashing a deadites nuts.


Brujo realizes that he needs to take Ash on a drug fuelled mind trip to get to the bottom of why Ash can't find his El Jefe mojo and get rid of these deadites. Ash gets to see an eye in the mouth of Brujo and ends up in Jacksonville, Florida sitting on a deck with 2 beers and his talking pet lizard. All part of his acid trip. But why Jacksonville, Florida? Well it is here that Ash tells us where he was originally heading before choosing to go to the woods and finding that cabin 30 years ago. But he's still never visited this place. We are shown Ash's hopes, fears and nightmares as we enter his brain, but mostly we are shown old TV shows, which of course is what occupies his inner thoughts more than getting rid of deadites. This neatly leads us to.........


Eligos is back via Kelly and he's really mad this time. Not content with hunting down Ash in the real world, it comes for Ash in his mind trip, Ash then finds himself trapped in a glass jar before Eligos smashes that and for some bizarre reason Ash is back in the stock room of his old job, complete with a super quick cameo from the doll killer. He finally keeps Eligos at bay by controlling his thoughts, but in real life he is strangling Kelly to death and the reason he is doing that is because......


So Kelly was ill the whole episode, even puking on the side of Ash's car as he pumped some music. Headaches followed and not all was right with her. Finally at the end it was revealed that Eligos lies within her. The deadite must have entered her in the last episode even though it appeared that Kelly had saved the day. Her eyes went all black and first she attacked Pablo before entering into a duel with Ash. The great thing for now is that no one knows that Eligos and Kelly are as one. Can Kelly be saved and Eligos banished forever in the book? Hopefully the next episode entitled The Host can answer this question for us.



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