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***Warning Possible Spoilers***

Way back in the third episode of The Walking Dead season 6, we were stunned to see what appeared to be the death of fan favorite, Glenn, along with frenemy Nicholas. Stuck in an alley-way Glenn and Nicolas take refuge on top of a dumpster from a herd. Nicholas happy that Glenn helped him realize he also had a good side mutters the words, "Thank You", to Glenn before putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger. The unexpected act shocks Glenn and Nicholas's dead body causes both of them to fall into a herd of hungry walkers. As a viewer, we are then shown a closeup of Glenn and what appears to be his guts and intestines being ripped out as he grimaces in pain.

The death of Glenn???
The death of Glenn???

Many have speculated on whether he lives or dies but tonight all of us eager fans were rewarded.


In the opening sequence of Sunday's episode, "Heads up", it was revealed that Glenn survives. Nicholas's dead body apparently shielded Glenn from being devoured and allowed him to squirm under the dumpster for protection. Glenn then took out a couple more walkers under the dumpster to sort of barricade himself from the hundreds of other walkers surrounding him. He then simply waits it out until the walkers roam off to something else. When he crawls out from under his hiding spot he is greeted to our surprise by Enid. Enid throws him a bottle of water because we all know playing walker hide and seek is exhausting and dehydrating. He then chases after her until the the opening credits roll.

While I'm glad that Glenn is back, in my opinion I feel like it was a sort of a cop out. Tease the death of a character so beloved to draw in fans and then bring him back right before the midseason finale, which will always be a huge ratings draw. The Walking Dead took a huge risk with a move like this. This show is known for cliffhangers but usually what we see on screen is what actually happens. There is never a twist...until now. In a sense, The Walking Dead could lose some credibility after this. It's not the fact that they brought Glenn back either. It's all about the way in which they did it. I'll admit crawling under a dumpster to survive from walkers is a nice callback to when Rick crawled under the tank all the way back in episode one. BUT at least Rick's escape made sense. Rick found an escape hatch, Glenn literally just laid there until the Walkers disappeared. I understand that that the dead walkers probably shielded his scent and that's a good argument but I still feel somewhat cheated.

But what does Glenn (Steven Yeun) himself think about his fate? Way back in July actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, sent out a very cryptic tweet.

While this tweet could be about literally anything or about any character/aspect/storyline of this show or another project, one has to wonder. Was Steven Yeun talking about how The Walking Dead handled his character in the first half of this season? July, when this tweet was sent, would be about the time of year production on the first half of season six would be in full swing. Obviously, Glenn's screen time has been limited so far so it is definitely possible that Steven could be talking about the way his character has been handled so far. Regardless, all of this is just purely speculation as of right now.

Fans are surely happy Glenn is back but are you guys happy with how it all went down? Do you feel cheated or that this was "lazy writing."? Let me know what you think in the comments section.


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