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The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar is a great edition to The Lion King family!

The movie stars Simba and Nala's second born cub, Kion, the younger brother of Kiara. While playing baobab ball with his friend Bunga, they run into some hyenas. Bunga is almost made lunch, but Kion saves him with a powerful roar. Kion is ready to lead The Lion Guard, and has to assemble the bravest,keenest of sight,fastest, and strongest, while Kion himself if the fiercest. He chooses Bunga,Ono,Fuli and Beshte. Simba is mad Kion was recruited non lions. Learning of the new Lion Guard, Janja the hyena leader plans an attack on all the Pride Land animals to offset The Circle of Life. Kion doesn't feel ready but is reassured by the spirit of his grandfather Mufasa. Bunga tells Kion the hyenas are attacking. Kion gathers his friends and they scare off the hyenas, and save Kiara who's caught in a gazelle stampede. Simba realizes Kion has a great Guard.

This movie gives us a bunch of fun new characters: Kion, Bunga,Beshte,Ono,Fuli,Tiifu, and Zuri.

The movie's full of catchy new songs as well:

The Lion Guard: Return of The Roar is a great film and the start to what will be a great series!


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