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Batman v Superman is one of the most anticipated movies 2016 and the promotion campaign has risen this past few weeks. We have gotten merchandise, trailer updates, and updates about the film itself. But comic book readers might be happy to find out that an actual comic of the film will be happening some time in the future. Geoff Johns, a well-known DC writer, confirmed the news by posting a drawing of Batman and Superman inside comic panels on Instagram. Here's the post:

Exciting news right? Superhero movies in the past have did this type of thing before. Making tie-in books into the actual film to more than likely add more promotion into the movie and possibly raise sales in merchandise. I'm excited to see a prequel comic for Batman v Superman(from an unbiased standpoint) to see the state of these two characters before the film's events. And hey, it's likely Geoff Johns writing it..and Geoff Johns is awesome!

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