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The DC Extended Universe is ready to kick off when Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits in 2016. It's set to kick off this newly found movie universe that DC wants to create and it pretty much a setup film for the upcoming 2017 film, Justice League. We have gotten some Justice League movie news here and there this year. For example, we got updates that the script was complete, shooting location, and shooting dates. Everything that been talked about Justice League has been pretty standard so far, but a possible big scoop of the film's plot and the official shooting date might have been revealed. Take a look at this photo:

The photo comes from a website called 'My Entertainment World' where the site seems to be a primary film site for revealing production dates, film plots, performers, talent agencies, and etc. The site seems pretty legit from what I've skimmed through as there were a couple movies that I noticed on there matched up from what was officially say about the films. But what intriguing to me about this current information regarding Justice League is the film's plot and shoot date. DC fans know that Justice League is confirmed to start shooting some time in early 2016, but this piece of info says the summer time? Also, It reveals that Darkseid would be the movie's antagonist instead of Brainiac, despite heavy rumors saying Brainiac would star in JL Part One as the main villain. Well, regarding the Darkseid info, there was a source on Reddit that claimed that Darkseid would be the main villain for Justice League instead of Brainiac. It's definitely weird what this piece of information reveals, and we won't really know if it true or not until 2016 really. I guess for now we will just have to wait and see beloved comic book fans!

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