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I have been exploring the topic of Legends of Tomorrow members for a while now, and now I have gotten to the part I thought I wouldn't get to, part 5. But I made these articles to give my ideas, on who some new and old characters can be. I have given 27 options for who could be members, and now I will give my special ending, with many members to conclude this series.

28. Hourman

Back in 2011, on The CW, the idea of an Hourman show was pitched, but nothing ever became of it. This character has never shown up anywhere in live action that I know of, and I believe Legends of Tomorrow would be the best introduction for him. He is very different, as he only get's his powers for an hour, making him of no use after it wears off. This would add a whole new dynamic to the show, but I still believe that the character would work well into the series.

29. Green Lantern

First off, I do not want to see the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, and I don't want to see John Diggle become Green Lantern. But I do think that Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, or John Stewart would be a great fit. Kyle Rayner is different, since he has been apart of many different Lantern Corps. Simon Baz has two defining features, his mask, and the fact that he uses a gun. He is more of an anti-hero, making him a better fit for the show.

30. Captain Boomerang

Digger Harkness, otherwise known as Captain Boomerang, is in Supermax on the island of Lian Yu. But what if he got out? Or even better, he was let out? What if the ATOM and White Canary knew that the team needed another member for the team, and the Green Arrow told them there was an option, Captain Boomerang. I want more of this character, as he was underused, only being in one episode. He did not get much attention, because he appeared in the Arrow/The Flash crossover, where people focused on the Arrow and the Flash. But this character could be brought back onto this show, since the Suicide Squad won't take him, and has no use being locked up.

31. Pandora

Pandora is a very secretive and new character. She has a very interesting story, and has never before been on any screen. But she does have ties to Nanda Parbat and John Constantine, the Hellblazer that was made canon in the Arrowverse in the season 4 episode titled "Haunted." Before I have said that the best place for Constantine to make a return would be on Legends of Tomorrow, and I believe he would be the best person to introduce this character onto a live action TV show.

32. Red Hood

I have always wanted Jason Todd to appear on Arrow, as the Red Hood. And I believe he would be amazing on that series. But my hope, is that Red Hood first appears on Arrow, then he becomes a member of the Legends of Tomorrow. He would be more of a villain, but he also has ties to the Lazarus Pit, which we have seen before, so he would not be impossible to explain.

33. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter vowed to protect Earth and its people. He is also not slated to appear in any of the DC Extended Universe's movies, making him available. He may be harder to use, because he is an alien. But I think Greg Berlanti and his team could find a way to make it work.

34. Golden Glider

When Captain Cold and Heat Wave were announced for the show, I was surprised to hear that Captain Cold's sister, Lisa Snart would not be joining the team as well. Leonard Snart and his friend Mick Rory will both become members of the Legends of Tomorrow, but why isn't the Golden Glider a member as well? I am not saying I want her, but what is she going to do when her brother and his friend are gone?

35. Zatanna

Zatanna was scheduled to appear in Constantine, but the show was cancelled before it could happen. I would like to see her appear in live action, because I have never seen her in anything besides animation. She is also a very different and interesting character. The Arrowverse doesn't have many people like her, except for Constantine, who is similar.

36. Aquaman

I said in one of my other articles that Aquaman or Tempest would work in Legends of Tomorrow. And while Tempest would work better, Aquaman could still work. He is actually very different, and people don't like him for a stupid reason. He could also bring along villains that work for going up against the Legends, like Black Manta or Ocean Master.

37. Static Shock/Static

Static Shock is set to get his own series, but the idea will most likely be scrapped. Since that show will most likely be cancelled, the character should still be used, and the best place would be with the Legends of Tomorrow. He is very interesting, and I want to see a live action version of him. I haven't seen the animated series called Static Shock, but I have seen Watchmojo's Superhero Origin video about Static, and he sounds really cool.

38. Elongated Man

Ralph Dibny was mentioned in one of The Flash's episodes, titled "Power Outage." He was mentioned by Harrison Wells as one of the people who supposedly died in the particle-accelerator explosion. But the truth probably is that Ralph was affected, and he became able to stretch his body in any shape or size. He would most likely want to help people, so he could join the Legends of Tomorrow.

39. Damage

Damage was also mentioned as someone who dies in the particle-accelerator explosion in "Power Outage." But he probably didn't die either. Instead, he gained powers. And the best place for him to appear, would be on Legends of Tomorrow.

40. Amazing-Man

Another character mentioned in "Power Outage" as a victim of the particle-accelerator explosion. He is also probably alive, and has gained powers. But the only place besides The Flash that this character can be used is on Legends. I do want him to be used, because I want to learn more about him. I think he would be a very good character to include, as his origin story has already been explained.

41. Clock King

We have seen the Clock King on both Arrow and The Flash, but the last time we saw him, he was taken into custody. But there is the possibility he escaped the police, and their is another possibility that someone broke him out of prison. Then he could join the Legends and be a huge help, timing everything out for the team. Plus, the Legends could use another villain on the team.

42. Supergirl

The Supergirl TV series on CBS is very good, but some may disagree. The show has gotten off to a rocky start, which is surprising to me, because I thought everyone would love the show just like they did with The Flash. The show is good, but it is totally possible that it goes down the road that Constantine did, and gets only one season, whether it is thirteen or twenty-three episodes. But if this show goes the way Constantine did, then it should be resurrected like Constantine might be. Matt Ryan is rumored to appear as the Hellblazer once again in Legends of Tomorrow season 2, and if Supergirl gets cancelled, then I hope she appears too. She is a great character, and has a great show. Melissa Benoist does a great job as Kara Danvers, and I will definitely want more of her, whether it is season 2 of Supergirl, or an appearance in Legends of Tomorrow.

There you have it. This is part 5 that concludes my list of ideas for who could be members of the Legends of Tomorrow in the future.

Do you like any of my ideas? Do you want to see any of these characters on Legends of Tomorrow? Please, let me know!


Who do you want to see in Legends of Tomorrow?


Out of all my members for Legends of Tomorrow, who do you want to see most?


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