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Jessica Jones was recently released on Netflix and must I say BRAVO! Krysten Ritter, to me, was the perfect choice. Rachael Taylor was also splendid. Before I even get to the topic of this post, let me say a few things. well first off, Jessica Jones started off with this typical rebel girl and all I was thinking is "noooo, they fucked up". I should've been more patient because it turned out to be so much more. Jessica's character is complicated, she's wants to protect everyone and realizes she can't. Which brings me to my second. This series actually allows that feeling of anyone could die, that is reality. I love that factor, brings in a whole new level of excitement. Once again, great job. Now in the series, we are introduced to a lot of characters (i.e. Kilgrave, Patsy Walker, and Wil Simpson). One in particular got my attention.

Red Pill or Blue Pill... Or white Pill?

That is Wil SImpson. He showed up in the Netflix series as a regular cop, under the influence of Kilgrave. Sent to kill Patsy Walker after insulting his character. Of course, Jessica saves the day and neither Patsy nor Simpson die. Simpson and Walker end up sleeping with one another, both catch feelings after they both certainly caught each others ass whoopings. Slowly but surely, his character development through the show becomes enthralling. Who knew he would turn into a sociopath, am I right or am I right?

In the Marvel comics, Simpson is actually Nuke. Not only is he a villain, he mostly appears in the DareDevil ( issue #232) story line. Same extensive military background. Both very lethal with hand to hand combat. Nuke has the U.S. flag tatted across his face. Another example of being crazy. In the comics he is a mediocre villain. The directors definitely upped his game and made him a force to be reckoned with. He used Combat Enhancing drugs, in the forms of red, white, and blue pills. (EASTER EGG)


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