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Remember back in February when Power/Rangers, the Joseph Kahn directed Power Rangers fan film, landed online and set the internet alight? It was dark, it was gritty, it was bleak and dystopian... it had Katee frigging Sackhoff as the Pink Ranger! It was everything fans who'd grown up alongside the evolution of the Power Rangers wanted from a reboot.

Unfortunately it was only 15 minutes long and was wholly unofficial, as Kahn went to great lengths to point out in the Vimeo video description, but it certainly made people sit up and take notice.

The next Power Rangers Hollywood live-action adaptation is coming sometime in 2017 and, whilst there's little chance it's going to be anything like as dark as Power/Rangers, there's just been a new bar set for them in terms of storytelling quality.

But whilst Power/Rangers got a lot of traction online there's a wealth of other great fan films that you might not have seen yet, and which put their Hollywood counterparts to shame...

Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men

The most recent fan-made video to go viral is the Black Smoke Films produced Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men. Like Power/Rangers it takes a much beloved source from the childhoods of those in their twenties and thirties and perfectly adapts it to their target audience.

Timeline wise, The Fall of Men takes place around about the time of the History of Trunks special episode, which was a pretty bleak narrative in and of itself. The Fall of Men takes it a step further away from the original canon and - holy shit - is that Cell?

Nightmare fuel
Nightmare fuel

The Fall of Men is even more impressive when you remember the last official live-action offering we got - Dragon Ball Evolution. Eugh.

Enter The Freeman

Out of all the well loved video games in all the wide world few are as well suited for translating to a feature length adaptation than that of Half-Life, especially since we're probably never going to get Half-Life 3. Curse you Gabe Newell!

Well Machinima have given us the next best thing in the form of Enter The Freeman: Half-Life.

Half-Life has great story potential to become a film, though Hollywood would probably mess it up as they have a tendency to do with video game adaptations. This is one cause that proves sometimes it's better left to the fans.

Enter the Freeman has it all; headcrabs, the iconic crowbar and an incredibly convincing Gordon Freeman. And just in case you're not impressed yet, they made the whole thing for only $3000. Not bad.

Left 4 Dead

One of my personal favourites is another video game adaptation, but this time it's the zombie shooter Left 4 Dead getting the fan treatment from Airsoft GI.

Everything here works so well, from the adapted music to the cinematography and spot on casting choices. Little touches like the medkit strapped to Francis' back and lines from the game - "reloading" - being shouted really make this feel like you're watching a weird live action gameplay hybrid.

We can assume that this film takes place after the first game in the series due to the allusions made to the fact that the fourth survivor, Bill, was recently killed. Canonically he dies during The Sacrifice DLC for Left 4 Dead, so it does tie into the official narrative there.

There's also numerous, ridiculous, fourth wall breaking, franchise jumping twists towards the end, but I'll let you discover them for yourself.

LEGO Jurassic Park

LEGO Jurassic Park is the shortest entry on this list and the only non-live action adaptation, but by no means is it any less worthy of inclusion given the tremendous amount of time and effort put into the creation of this 4 minute LEGO masterpiece.

It's a whimsical tribute to the original Jurassic Park, recreating the most iconic scenes from the popular film in full stop motion LEGO glory. LEGO Jurassic Park was created by father-daughter team visual effects specialist Paul Hollingsworth, and his eight-year-old daughter Hailee, out of a LEGO collection worth $100,000!

They've also done tributes to Marvel, DC, Indiana Jones and Ghostbusters, all of which you can view on their YouTube Channel.

Did your favourite fan film make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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