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No I am not kidding at all! because there's a website called My Entertainment World, an industry standard site that solely works for posting and updating movie/TV production schedules and other relevant details like cast, synopsis etc (submitted by the studios themselves) so as to meet/hire the talent requirement needed for the production like actors, extras, technical workers like editors, photographers so on and so forth.

I have skimmed through the site and it's is safe to say that they are accurate most of the time as the listings are submitted by the studios themselves but here's the real deal, they posted this information regarding the upcoming Justice League Part 1


What we do know is that, Justice League part 1 will be filmed in London, UK (confirmed by Charles Roven, Producer) and that it will start it's pre-production from January 2016 which will generally go at least for the next 3-4 months.

But the most interesting part is the rough synopsis provided here, because it says this badass evil overlord will be the threat in this movie......

This is somewhat surprising and out of the left field for the followers of DCEU news because the general idea that we had was that, Brainiac will be the villain in JL 1 because that's what every other insider news, scoops, rumor etc was hinting at.

Seems like they are going with the New 52 route by having Darkseid as the very first threat that Justice League will face its not surprising when we consider DC Comics' Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, is a major player and an executive producer on every single DC movie.

But What Does It Mean For the DC Movie Universe At Large?

Brainiac Might End Up Being the Villain in Man of Steel 2

If they are indeed going to use Darkseid with Justice League movies then from a common sense perspective Brainiac can only be used in a lesser movie, considering he's not a bigger threat than Darkseid.

Man of Steel 2 would be the best suitable movie to set up Brainiac because traditionally he's a Superman villain and has deep connections with Kryptonian mythology.

NOTE: Don't hold your breath though, because this movie might take a very long time to hit the screens considering WB is focusing on other DC movies and pushing it to the front as of now.

Darkseid Might End Up Being the Villain In Both Justice League Part 1 & 2

This part 1 & 2 might turn out to be a villain centric saga, wherein Darkseid will send his army, minions, robots, knights, assassins, monsters, war machines etc to do his bidding in Justice League Part 1 with Darkseid as the behind the scenes schemer, cleverly building up to Darkseid's eminent physical appearance and showdown with Justice League in Part 2.

It's more like Darkseid will be having an extended cameo in JL Part 1 to flesh out his character (by maybe showing a part of his backstory and mythology and having him appearing in a few scenes and talking some lines) and build the hype among audiences for his true physical appearance and fight with Justice League in Part 2

NOTE: This is just my personal speculation considering how the biggest baddies generally do not get into the actual fights firsthand and will use their pawns to do their bidding and will get into the fight only if their pawns or initial plans fail, a trait that is common with Darkseid as well.

Wrapping Up

Darkseid is arguably the most powerful villain Justice League has ever faced as a matter of fact Thanos of the Marvel universe is inspired from Darkseid. But considering how they are calling it Part 1 & 2 I do think it's safe to say Darkseid will be the villain in both the movies.

Take it with a grain of salt but I've read some rumors/scoops which said the presence of Darkseid will be felt throughout the movies like Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman!


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