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Overwatch, the new FPS from Blizzard, just wrapped up its closed beta weekend. Unfortunately, you needed a bit of luck to be included in the "small number of testers" that Blizzard permitted to try out the highly anticipated title. Luckily, a lot of information has come out about the beta, and the level of quality has been discussed in numerous articles and forums.

While a lot of gamers and publications have been positive about Blizzard's new game - as often happens with their products - there have been a few unpopular opinions on Overwatch floating around the web; opinions which describe an FPS that may disappoint veterans of the genre. Let's take a look at a few of these qualms and try to analyze what you can expect on Overwatch's release date.

Overwatch - Negative Opinions on Blizzard's Beta!


Before we write off the opinions of the individuals who engaged with the beta, know that a lot of them attempted to validate their love for the FPS genre. Most of these guys and girls made it clear that they loved CS: GO, Call Of Duty, Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, or Team Fortress 2. Therefore, we feel that their opinions are just as valid as those who've praised Blizzard's beta.

  • "There is no publicly visible feedback/reward for doing well/poorly that is meaningful."

Veterans addressed why certain FPS' have achieved success over others. What was always referenced were the following; all great first-person shooters had scoreboard feedback, milestone achievements, a kill feed during the game, and a ranking system. In its current form, Overwatch has none of these. This may feel like a fresh take on multiplayer, but in reality these players felt as if their time with the game wasn't rewarded.

While everyone praised the fun and mechanically excellent gameplay, they felt that the title became boring following several hours. After all, there was no indication of achievement. You couldn't find out how well you did against the opposing team, you couldn't see whether you were better or worse than anyone on your own team, and therefore had no reference as to whether you were improving or not.

With an absence of these classic FPS features, Overwatch felt like a strange shooter for veterans. You couldn't target players that were doing well on opposing teams, you couldn't feel good about excelling on your team, and due to the game not rewarding certain actions instantly, you can't adapt to Overwatch, and can find yourself stuck in a certain negative play-style.

  • "All the (limited) glory goes to attack characters."

Coming from Sloggra on the Blizzard forums, "Because the only forms of praise are the “plays of the game” which seem to be completely based on kills, and the “mvp votes”, it gives players lower incentive to play support and tank roles." What they, and other gamers, witnessed was that the game was simply rewarding attack characters like McCree, Widowmaker, and Reaper.

This comes back to the sense of reward. If you've taken up a support role, you're less likely to feel like you contributed to the game in a meaningful way. Blizzard have failed to award players that chose to support their team in other ways than simply killing opponents. This impacts on the balance of Overwatch, ultimately forcing you to play as attack characters if you enjoy the sense of achievement FPS' can give you.

Are You Hyped for Its Release Date?


These are actually replicated issues. Heroes of the Storm players have also experienced similar problems if they were veterans of the genre. Achieving the max level in the game was too easy for some, thus removing a sense of accomplishment and reward. For some gamers, this won't affect whether they will enjoy either Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm, but if you love these genres, then you want a new game to reward you for your proficiency.

So how do you feel about Blizzard's Overwatch? Do you think that these issues will affect you on the game's release date? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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