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Out of all the English language accents out there, I'd say the Australian one was the hardest to nail. No matter how much I try with my Aussie friends, it never comes out just right, spiraling swiftly into a rogue New Zealand or even an Irish one to the sheer hilarity of my friends.

If you're Jennifer Lawrence though, you probably don't have that problem.

During a recent interview with Conan, J Law did an incredible impression of her The Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth, nailing a typical Aussie accent and wowing the audience once again with her acting prowess (she does have an Oscar after all!)

And whilst the move wasn't only to remind us how Liam and his brother Chris actually speak in real life, it was also to inform us how weird they both are. In case you didn't know, they are actually 'disgusting animals.'

It all started with Conan asking Jennifer why she calls him 'bear'

"He's an animal. And his whole family, they're real animals. They're all... it's the craziest family I've ever been around in my life. The way they communicate is so physical and crazy."

Apparently, they're so crazy they encourage each other to eat their scabs for money!

"It will be like 'aite man, eat this scab and I'll give you five bucks.' [...] They're disgusting! They're real bears. They're animals. Bear."

Chris even once ambushed his buddy in the shower and cut his hair off

"Chris one time thought it was funny to bust in on his friend that was in the shower and cut his hair off. They're intense!"

Apparently he also eats a lot because he is a BEAR!

Oh, and the shocker is despite his animal habits, Chris is actually a vegan!

A VEGAN BEAR!? Who'd have thought!

Watch the full clip below:


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