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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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After the first season of Jessica Jones hit like a whiskey-soaked whip in a dark alley - I'll admit, I watched all 13 episodes in one day - Marvel fans are already excited about the second season and the word on every comic book reader's lips is... The Defenders.

Can Netflix bust out another exemplary season of Jessica Jones before The Defenders assemble? Maybe that particular verb is trademarked by The Avengers so The Defenders will have to 'gather together in an orderly fashion' instead?

Writer and producer Melissa Rosenberg told THR:

"I hope so. There certainly is story-telling wise. The question becomes is there actual time? There are logistics involved, because Defenders has to shoot by a certain time, contractually. Actually, I'm not sure; I'm not at all involved in those conversations, much to my dismay.

The first question is whether or not we will even get a second season. The second question is, if so, when? Will it be before The Defenders or after? I'd certainly love it to be before but there are things that play into that — time, availability."

Season 2 of Jessica Jones could get to us by November 2016 but there's more Daredevil and the standalone Luke Cage show to come before that point. The good news is that Rosenberg is sticking to Jessica Jones like glue, whatever happens:

"I'm a complete control freak when it comes to this character. I will do everything in my power to protect the character in whatever forms. They'll have to throw me kicking and screaming out of that building. But they own the property. They've really been inclusive thus far so I'm not really worried about it."

Source: THR, Tumblr, Netflix


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