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(Warning - the following contains a major, cameo-related SPOILER for the final episode of Jessica Jones's first season. If you aren't all caught up with the show yet, proceed with caution and all that...)

If you've already binge-watched the whole of Jessica Jones (and if not, feel free to head off and do that now. We'll wait...), then there's a pretty good chance you're still in a state of gooey, Marvel-themed over-excitement. After all, we're talking about a show that not only featured fan-favorite Jessica Jones, but also bona fide Marvel legend Luke Cage, genuinely horrifying super-villain The Purple Man, and a whole host of other superheroic icons in cameo form.

For fans of Netflix's rapidly expanding corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however:

There Was One Cameo That Stood Out From the Crowd

Specifically, one that brought back one of the most intriguing characters from this year's critically-acclaimed Daredevil: Claire Temple, as played by Rosario Dawson.

After all, while the majority of the rest of the cameos (Patsy Walker's main role notwithstanding) were of a blink-and-you'll miss 'em in nature, Claire got to take on a major role in the final episode of the season - one that readily tapped into Dawson's deep well of awesomeness. The thing is, though...

Claire's Cameo Might Be a Bigger Deal Than It Seemed

Y'see, while on the surface Claire's role in the episode was largely limited to helping Jessica help Luke, and then hang around indirectly referencing Daredevil, a closer look at a couple of lines from the show might just reveal something pretty darned important. Specifically, Jessica's touching - and accurate - argument in favor of Claire taking the day off work to help Luke...

"There are other nurses at the hospital who can help. There's only one who can help Luke."

...and the extremely pointed conversation Claire has with Malcolm, after he asks:

"Are you some kind of special nurse?"

To which she answers:

"Nope. I'm not special. I just keep running into special."

All of which seemed to confirm something that could have huge implications for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and Netflix's corner of it in particular):

It Looks Like Claire Temple Will Be Night Nurse After All

Specifically, it seems that Rosario Dawson may well be set to take over the comic book role of Night Nurse (a medical practitioner who specializes in treating super-humans), as was widely speculated after her initial appearance in Daredevil.

After all, those lines of dialogue - not to mention Claire's burgeoning role as a superhuman medic - sure do seem to suggest that she'll be taking on exactly that sort of role in future Netflix series... especially since she and Luke Cage now seem to have some sort of understanding.

Why Is That a Big Deal, Though?

Well, for one thing, recent rumors have suggested that Rachel McAdams's casting in Doctor Strange is set to replace Claire's in-universe role as Night Nurse, seeing as she may well be playing the actual comic book Night Nurse, Linda Carter (who was briefly romantically involved with Strange). The nature of Claire's Jessica Jones role, however, suggests that while McAdams may well be playing Carter, it's entirely possible that the Night Nurse element of the character's comic book past will largely be ignored.

The even more important implication, though?

It Seems Claire's Role Is Only Going to Get Bigger

After all, the combination of her dialogue during Jessica Jones, her hinted future involvement in Luke Cage and Iron Fist's series', and Dawson's portrayal of the character as precisely the sort of no-nonsense regular human that Netflix's heroes clearly need to have around them in order to stay half-way sane, seem to suggest that Claire is going to be taking on an increasingly important role in the next few years of Netflix shows.

Which, in turn, suggests that she could well be the Nick Fury of the Netflix world in more than cameo only. Specifically, she could well be set to be the one who brings the whole Defenders line-up together.

In fact, there's something a little suspicious about her apparent ability to be precisely where superheroes need her to be at any given moment. Claire Temple, Undercover Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, anyone?

What do you think, though?


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