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(Warning - the following contains major, cameo-related SPOILERS for the final episode of Jessica Jones's first season. If you aren't all caught up with the show yet, proceed with caution and all that...)

If you've already binge-watched the whole of Jessica Jones (and if not, feel free to head off and do that now. We'll wait...), then you're most likely already aware of the show's inherent awesomeness, despite the general absence of what we might conventionally call 'superheroes'. Unlike Daredevil, which was - ultimately - a superhero origin story, Jessica Jones is a complex, noir-ish drama about the lives people with superpowers end up leading when they aren't superheroes.

That, though, doesn't mean that it didn't sneakily introduce a whole lot more heroes than it seemed to on the surface. Y'see:

Jessica Jones Just Cued Up a Whole Bunch of Future Superheroes

Yup, that's right - Jessica Jones was teasing a whole lot more than just your over-excitement glands. Here are four of the most intriguing heroes - plus a bonus super-villain - that the show opted to hint at...

First up?

4. Hellcat

Now, Patsy 'Trish' Walker's appearance in Jessica Jones may well have largely been limited to that of a supporting character (albeit an awesome, Krav Maga employing one who actively helps to take down the bad-guy), but that doesn't mean she didn't spend half her screen time hinting at potential superhero-dom to come.

Y'see, in the comic-books, Patsy Walker is better known as Hellcat, a one-time Avenger and all-around bad-ass. Who, it seems, we might not be too far away from seeing on screen, too, seeing as Trish spent a whole lot of her screen-time either contemplating being a hero, or out-right being one (just without powers or a costume).

3. White Tiger

A more subtle nod, this, but one of the many superheroes to go by the name White Tiger still very much got a name check in Jessica Jones - just in a way that was super-easy to miss.

Remember Jessica recommending an alternative private investigator, and mentioning Angela Del Toro? Well, over in our beloved Marvel comic-books, Del Toro is, in fact, White Tiger. Or, at least, she was, before she gave up the role (and was followed into it by Ava 'the one you know from Ultimate Spider-Man' Ayala).

A potential future supporting character for Jess (or Daredevil), perhaps?

Bonus Supervillain Interlude Featuring... Nuke

Now, this one is simultaneously pretty subtle, and astonishingly blunt.

One the one hand, the potential Nuke in question - Will Simpson - doesn't share the same name as the comic-book Frank 'Nuke' Simpson, or the villain's trademark Stars and Stripes facial tattoo, and there's little indication that he's in possession of cyborg implants like the comic-book Nuke.

On the other hand, Simpson is not only part of a mysterious black ops group (like the comic-book Nuke) but has an American Flag lighter, and an obsession with red, white and blue pills... just like Nuke:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Jessica Jones season two's main villain.

Next up, though?

2. Goliath

Yup, that's right - Bill 'Goliath' Foster, a hero perhaps best known to modern audiences as 'that hero the fake Thor killed back in Civil War' could well be making his way to the MCU in the near future.

Sadly, that's not so much because the hero himself was directly teased, and more because of the double whammy of an Ant-Man sequel getting the green light (he was originally Hank Pym's lab assistant) and Claire Temple's role in Jessica Jones hinting at her having an expanded role in future Netflix projects (she was once married to Foster).

Sure, it's something of a long-shot - but Foster's now moved way up the list of likely future supporting characters...

Finally, then?

1. Iron Fist

Now, sadly, there wasn't too much in the way of direct Iron Fist-hinting at going on in Jessica Jones - we may have to wait until Luke Cage for something more concrete - but, much like Daredevil before it, the show did set up at least one major element of the Iron Fist mythos.

Specifically, Jeryn Hogarth. Now, in the comic-books, Hogarth has a long-time association with Danny 'Iron Fist' Rand, having first been the hero's father's friend and lawyer, before later taking on a similar role for Danny himself. Eventually, he evolved into a key ally of Luke Cage's, too, as well as an integral part of Rand's business empire. throughout it all, though, he was intermittently disreputable and vaguely villainous.

Now, with Jessica Jones's Hogarth (now female, but otherwise largely unchanged) ending the show's first season both needing a new direction in her career, and seemingly seeking a chance to redeem herself, it's not too hard to see her as having been perfectly positioned to play the character's traditional comic-book part... a central role in a future Iron Fist series...

The big question now, though?


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