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Are you wondering what you can get that special someone for Christmas? Well, look no further - the National Entertainment Collectables Association (NECA) has created a lifelike and truly disgusting replica of a xenomorph egg from the Sci-Fi classic, Alien.

The 'toy' (and I use that term loosely) is fully hatchable, with a full on facehugger lurking inside, ready to pounce. It's also a disturbing 36 inches tall. Although it's realism gives me unwanted chills, I'm sure this'll make some Alien fans very, very excited.

Full-Size Facehugger!

The egg also glows eerily, so it could even have a second use as a bed side lamp... On second thought, maybe not. On their website, the NECA describe the ways you can fully get the most out of your purchase:

The included full-size facehugger has a bendable tail, so you can pose it anywhere… waiting to drop on unsuspecting prey from overhead, or simply lurking inside the egg.

Waiting to drop on unsuspecting prey from overhead? CAN YOU IMAGINE?! Not only could you use this as a toy, you could also scare the sh*t out of all your closest friends. Though only if you're a practical yolker, right?

For those who haven't seen the film in a while, facehuggers are the second stage in the life cycle of a Xenomorph, that's existence is simply to plant a chestburster inside of a host body. Now, I'm sure you haven't forgotten, but let's remember why chestbursters are named that way...

Although it doesn't specify on the NECA website directly, some retailers are selling the toy at around $428.99, which would make it attractive to serious collectors. Or why not come out of your shell and splash out on an extravagant gift?

Source: NECA


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