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The world was stunned last week as reigning UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was smashed off the top stop with a brutal kick to the face from opponent Holly Holm. Pausing her relentless reign of defeats, Rousey's knock has resulted in the Furious 7 actress undergoing reconstructive facial surgery, however she assures is the break is only temporary.

Now, the question on everyone's lips is: Rematch?

Rousey is renowned for her sassy attitude and opinions on whether she's playing along with the theatrics of the game or just plain arrogant. The social media storm post-match was filled with comments ranging from the nasty (see: Donald Trump), to the supporting (see: Demi Lovato), to middle of the road (see: Mario Lopez). However, all of the comments seem to have one thing in common: a call for a rematch.

In an interview with Extra TV, Holly Holm has spoken out about her feelings towards Ronda after the fight, and her opinions on the whole not-touching-gloves-thing.

“Touching gloves or not at the beginning of the fight, I always like to because it’s just sportsmanlike. However, we still want to punch each other hard!”

Acknowledging Ronda's talent and sheer dedication, Holm is under zero illusions that, should a rematch be in the cards, she wouldn't have to work exceptionally hard to beat her again.

“I’ll train just as hard, I'll train twice as hard for the rematch because anyone who has been as successful as Ronda has been has obviously been a champion for a reason. She’s a very dominant athlete, a very hard-working athlete, so I know she'll be coming back with a vengeance and I'll have to be ready.”

Check out Holm talking about her win and the potential of facing Ronda Rousey one more time in the below conversation with AXS TV:

On her new found fame:

Well, she's loving it, clearly. When talking about the social media response from Trump et al, Holm told Extra:

“Yeah, I never thought that I would have them tweeting about me. Amy Schumer was being super funny, too, so that’s never happened before… Donald Trump, he never fails to say what he feels so I’m just glad I’m on his side."

Also, just FYI guys, if there's ever going to be a movie about her life:

“I would be honored if Jennifer Lawrence played my part.”

Wouldn't we all!

Source: JustJared, Extra, Bleacher Report


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