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To many of us, video games are a form of sustenance. They keep us going, and in some cases, well nourished! But just like other forms of sustenance - bananas for example - if they hang around for too long, they can become stale.

Now with that awkward segment out of the way, where I basically stated that the Souls franchise is comparable with the life of a banana, let's move swiftly on to the news!

Dark Souls 3: The Final Souls Game

Thank, Christ that's over!
Thank, Christ that's over!
I'm considering Dark Souls 3 to be the big closure on the series. That's not just limited to me, but FromSoftware and myself together want to aggressively make new things in the future. Dark Souls 3 will mark the last game where the development project began before I became president.
The next title will be a game that was conceived while I was president. I believe that FromSoftware has to create new things. There will be new types of games coming from us, and Dark Souls 3 is an important marker in the evolution of FromSoftware. - Hidetaka Miyazaki, President of FromSoftware

Why This Is Good News

Say goodbye to massive dragons!
Say goodbye to massive dragons!

I've been a massive fan of the Souls franchise since the release of Demon's Souls on Playstation 3 in 2009, and I've played every installment (including Bloodborne, if you do actually count it) multiple times since.

But whereas the original games gave you a sense of constant surprise, fans of the Souls games have become familiar with FromSoftware's design. Having played Dark Souls 3 at Gamescom earlier this year, I can honestly say that while I enjoyed my time with the game, it was all very familiar.

Ahh yes, here we go again!
Ahh yes, here we go again!

That's not to say that it was a particularly bad thing, but the Souls games need that sense of surprise in order to captivate us. It's what separated them from similar games within the RPG genre.

Miyazaki understands that the formula is wearing thin, and he doesn't want FromSoftware to become comfortable in creating sequel after sequel. Therefore, Dark Souls 3 is a welcomed conclusion to the franchise, and we can't wait to see how it is, and what new concepts Miyazaki will come up with next!

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