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Sit down with a bowl of nachos to watch Eastbound and Down S2, Hello Ladies S1, Curb Your Enthusiasm S3 and Entourage S2. The comedy train cannot be missed this month on HBO Hits.

Life is beautiful and to make it a canvas painted with rainbow colours, we need laughter and happiness. When we look for beauty, we do not just admire it but also make it a source of inspiration. We try to find all that in humour which can best be depicted through human emotions. These emotions surprise you, intrigue you and sometimes compel you to change for the better. Here are a few american comedy television series to telecast on HBO Hits to offer rib-tickling comedy until you end up rolling on the ground holding your stomach and tears in your eyes.

Eastbound and Down Season 2

It is a sports comedy starring Katy Mixon, Danny McBride and John Hawkes in the second season. This 23 minutes sitcom has been directed by Jody Hill for 7 episodes. The story is about a down-and-out major league ballplayer who comes back to teach physical education at his alma mater to the middle school children. He makes a comeback only to sabotage his efforts to claim at fame. Catch the baseball pitcher at his humorous best in this one.

Hello Ladies Season 1

This sitcom stars Christine Woods, Stephen Merchant and Nate Torrence in the main lead. Directed by Gary Daniels, it is about an English guy who reaches Los Angeles to find his dream woman in the modern city. Unluckily, the awkward Stuart (Stephen) keeps landing up in situations where he is not able to establish connection with a woman. Accompanying him in the adventure is Wade (Nate), his best friend who is trying to explore his bachelor life again after separation from wife and an aspiring actress, Jessica (Christine) sharing their living space.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3

The dark observational comedy will show you slapstick situations with Jeff Garlin, Cherl Hines and Larry David in the main lead. This tale directed by Robert Weide is a fictionalised interpretation of Larry himself. It portrays his life in different situations as a television writer on the verge of retirement. He often sees his problems with social conventions through his own eyes and expresses disagreements. Call it a satire or mock documentary, but this show is about his take on situations. In this season, he is working on another television show but his nature keeps ruining his chances of getting financed by an investor.

Entourage Season 2

Featuring Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon, this hollywood comedy drama series belongs to the Julian Farino has directed this epic taking inspiration from the real life of Mark Wahlberg. It throws light upon a struggling Hollywood actor, Vincent Chase (Adrian) who often has his entourage of friends for help. Season 2 focuses on how matters get complicated for Vince when cast opposite to his ex-girlfriend in a film and again rescued from bad situations by a bunch of his confidants.

Watch out and do not miss these hilarious comedy escapades with HBO Hits every week.


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