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How far would you push the boundaries of science to save the one you love?

This the question at the heart of Terminal Protocol, an original graphic novel currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Terminal Protocol

A near-future science-fiction comic about robotics , artificial intelligence and the limits of the human brain, Terminal Protocol is the story of Dr. Katherine Talton and Dr. Dustin Jessup. Katherine and Dustin are the founders of Future Sight, the groundbreaking company that has changed the face of robotics for a quarter-century. The two are also husband and wife, and they’ve lived a good life as scientific explorers of the unknown.

However, when Dustin learns that he’s been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it seems that their time together is coming to an end. Unable to accept the limits of medical science, Katherine throws herself into exploring the boundaries of robotics and artificial intelligence to try and find a way to save her husband. But as the end draws near for Dustin, Katherine must question how far she’s willing to go, and what she’s willing to do to the one person she truly loves.


Terminal Protocol is the creation of writer Jordan Alsaqa and artist Rem Broo. Jordan is a contributor to numerous online outlets, including the Joy of Gaming and TV Equals, covering a wide number of pop culture topics. Jordan has also served as the Features Editor forTechnician and can currently be heard as co-host of the Joy of Gaming podcast. Terminal Protocol is his first major comics work.

Artist Rem Broo has been working in comics for the past seven years, creating numerous independent projects before the release of his first widely-published book The End Times of Bram and Ben in 2013. Due to his unique and unconventional illustration style used Terminal Protocol, Broo actually earned the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer nomination!


Terminal Protocol is currently seeking funding to complete production of the main story and create a printed version of the book. Campaign backers will be able to secure a digital and physical copy of the completed, 52-page graphic novel, as well as have the opportunity to access Kickstarter-exclusive pre-production work, art prints and sketches.

To help this project become a reality, visit the Kickstarter page and become a backer!

If you'd like a preview of the comic, you can read the first six pages at

To see more work from artist Rem Broo, you can visit as well as


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