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Hello everybody,

Welcome to my todays topic.. First off I like to give my Friend at Gregory Moore T.V., Jennifer M. a Big Happy Birthday. You deserve It girl. You are a great new mom, as well a great worker. Also to anybody out there, that birthday that is today... Happy Birthday...........

Hahaha I know! that is wired right? I felt it was the right thing to do, since we are talking about "Layer Cake..." Speaking of "Layer Cake", this was one of those kind of movies that had me thinking to myself hmm! I mean the name of the movie really took me by surprize. But when I saw (Daniel Craig) in here I thought he played in "Quantum Of Solace" he was great in there. So I knew this movie would be good.

Was I surprised at the fact he was a drug dealer plaining to step away from it all. So you and I are both like, so what was the meaning of the movie" and why was it called "Layer Cake"?? I know right! Well, as the story goes on, he was a major drug dealer who had powerful connections. If that does not make you want to check it out. Maybe this will. I felt like it had these movie quality "Blow" "Scarface" mixed with a little "Quantum Of Solace" and "Smokin Aces".

If you saw these movies, then you know what you are getting yourself into Watching "Layer Cake".......... Unlike some people, if you are like me, I hate for someone to ruin the end as well the movie for me. Especially if I had not seen it yet. So at this very end, this was my "Layered Cake"......... Once again, Happy birthday to all the people on this once use to be Thanksgiving day. I wish you many more birthdays, Especially to Jennifer M. From Gregory Moore T.V........

So please check this movie out, you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for some more rare gems stay tune. I will be bring more of those rare gems. Even some from "Gregory Moore T.V."..... Until next time, Cosmic Blessings!


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