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HBO has been known for presenting a large variety and quality entertainment in its original series. Getting On is just an example of that incredible versatility. The much talked and much awaited hospital-comedy series is getting in its third and final season. There are people who are getting emotional about its end but at the same time, the third season has already built a lot of excitement among the audience. This season is said to conclude in six episodes which are being aired on the 100% ad-free channel, HBO Defined, every Monday 9:30 pm.

Getting On is an american comedy series based on a BBC Series of the same name and is created and written by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer. The comedy series is set in the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit of the down-and-out Mount Palms Memorial Hospital in Long Beach,California. The show is about the lives of the staff taking care of the hospital's daily operations. The lead cast includes Dr. Jenna James played by Laurie Metcalf, Nurse Dawn played by Alex Borstein, Nurse DiDi played by Niecy Nash and Patsy De La Serda played by Mel Rodriguez. The season has seen some of the most powerful performances by the actors, the impeccable direction beautifully complements the well-written script and comic timing. The show has a spell-casting effect on the audience and keeps you glued to the television with its never-ending rib-tickling comedy. The previous seasons of the series averaged a gross viewership of 1.6 million per episode, which itself writes the success-story for the show.

The offbeat comedy has garnered a welcoming response from the audience. Getting On season 3 is meeting the expectations and building the excitement. The four lead actors of the series have proven their mettle with their comic timings, and at the same time dealing with serious issues of brutally honest and quietly compassionate realities of elderly care. The script at times gets brutal and has essence of dark comedy as well, but doesn’t stops from making you laugh. You tend to enjoy every second of Getting On and the series just gets more interesting with every passing episode.

The audience and the critiques will definitely miss the perfection-in-absurdness of the series ‘Getting On’ once it gets over. The series ends with this final season, making it the most not-to-miss television saga of the current times. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite couch and some popcorn with soft drinks and wait for ‘Getting On’ every Monday, 9:30 PM, 100% ad-free tv channel only on HBO Defined.


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