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With the first half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead coming to an end next Sunday, audiences can expect one hell of a mid-season finale to end what has, so far, been a totally spectacular season. Part of what has made Season 6 such an amazing season so far is the clever timeline they've been working with -- the majority of the events of Season 6a have taken place in about 24 hours. Crazy, right?

Some serious shit has gone down in those 24 hours, and there have been a huge amount of characters to keep track of. So to make things easier, and to ensure we're all properly prepared for next weeks mid-season finale, I've put together a timeline of events to show where everyone started in the premiere episode, right through to where they are now.

Before you get stuck into reading the timeline, it's important to know that Season 6 started approximately 552 days after the initial outbreak of the virus (for more information on how much time has gone by in the series, check out this article over here), so if you're confused why I'm referring to the days as 'Day +552' and 'Day +553,' that's why. I've also stuck to the major events, we could certainly go into more detail, but it'd just become ridiculous!

Day +552: Morning

Rick and co at the quarry
Rick and co at the quarry

Outside Alexandria: Rick takes a big group to the quarry to assess the herd of walkers, and to practice a dry run of escorting the walkers away. Unfortunately the herd break through and the dry run becomes real.

Alexandria: The Wolves invade Alexandria, killing a number of residents.

Outside Alexandria: Carter is killed and Rick sends Morgan back to Alexandria to update them on the situation.

The truck crashes in Alexandria
The truck crashes in Alexandria

Alexandria: The Wolves crash a truck into Alexandria and a walker inside flicks on the horn

Outside Alexandria: As half the herd reroutes to Alexandria, Rick sends everyone except Sasha, Abraham and Daryl back to the town. While the rest of the group heads back on foot, Rick heads back towards the RV to try and redirect the herd headed to Alexandria.

Alexandria: Morgan reaches Alexandria and stops the horn. The battle continues against the Wolves inside the town.

Glenna & Nicholas shortly before they leave
Glenna & Nicholas shortly before they leave

Outside Alexandria: The group suffers several losses and eventually ends up inside the pet store. Glenn and Nicholas make a plan to burn down a nearby feed store to distract the walkers and leave Michonne's group.

Alexandria: Carl saves Ron from a Wolf and Jessie kills a Wolf with a pair of scissors. Carol disguises herself as a Wolf and takes several of them down.

Outside Alexandria: After a walker inside the pet store attracts the attention of the herd outside, Michonne's group is forced to flee. Glenn and Nicholas find the feed store they had intended to set of fire, has already burnt down.

Alexandria: Rosita and Aaron take on a houseful of Wolves, and Morgan finds the Wolf he met before back in Season 5, and encourages a group of other Wolves to leave the town.

Outside Alexandria: Annie and David are killed as Michonne's group try to escape the herd. Meanwhile, Glenn and Nicholas are trapped in an alleyway full of walkers, and in the chaos Nicholas kills himself. His body falls on top of Glenn and Glenn escapes underneath the dumpster, killing nearby walkers to form a protective barrier around himself.

Day +552: Afternoon

Outside Alexandria: Michonne's group leaves town. Rick is attacked in the RV by the five Wolves that Morgan told to leave the town, but manages to kill them.

Alexandria: The town begins clean up after the Wolves attack, and Enid leaves. Aaron finds his lost bag filled with photos of the town and realizes this is how they learned of Alexandria. Morgan is ambushed by the leader of the Wolves and manages to knock him out.

Outside Alexandria: Michonne, Scott and Heath make it back to Alexandria. Rick's RV is surrounded by walkers.

Alexandria: Morgan tells the captured and injured Wolf about his life with Eastman, locking him in a house in Alexandria as he leaves. Rick makes it back to Alexandria after abandoning the RV and outrunning the herd. Aaron admits that it was his photos that led that Wolves to Alexandria. Alexandrian's try looting the food supply, but are stopped by Spencer.

Outside Alexandria: Maggie and Aaron climb into the sewers to try and find the missing Glenn and Nicholas, and Maggie reveals she is pregnant.

Alexandria: A drunk Spencer is revealed to have looted food from the stores, and blames Deanna for the deaths of Aiden and Reg. Carl and Ron fight and David's wife Betsy kills herself, and is then killed again by Jessie when she reanimates. Rick teaches Ron how to shoot, and also tries to reach Abraham, Sasha and Daryl but is unable to.

Daryl, Sasha and Abe are ambushed
Daryl, Sasha and Abe are ambushed

Outside Alexandria: Sasha, Abraham and Daryl manage to draw half the herd away, but are ambushed by unknown survivors. Sasha and Abraham are separated from Daryl so head to a nearby building to wait for Daryl to find them. Meanwhile Daryl is knocked unconscious and taken captive by Dwight, Sherry and Tina.

Day +552: Night

Alexandria: Deanna, on her way to returning the supplies that Spencer stole, is attacked by a reanimated Wolf. After stabbing the walker multiple times, it's put down by Rick, and Deanna tells Rick that he is what the town needs. Maggie and Aaron remove Glenn and Nicholas' names from the 'In Our Memory' wall, Rick kisses Jessie, and blood pours through a crack in the wall surrounding the town.

Outside Alexandria: Sasha and Abraham sleep in the insurance building, waiting for Daryl, Daryl spends the night at Dwight's campsite, Glenn spends the night under the dumpster, and Enid sleeps in the building next to Glenn's dumpster.

Day +553: Morning

Alexandria: Rick inspects the damage on Alexandria's walls.

Outside Alexandria: Glenn emerges from the dumpster and finds Enid there., he tries to talk to her but she runs away. Daryl walks with Dwight's group to find 'Patty' (who is later revealed to be a fuel truck), only to find it gone. Tina collapses and Daryl escapes with Dwight's bag which contains his crossbow and Tina's insulin.

Alexandria: Rick continues teaching Ron how to shoot, and gives him a gun but no bullets to practice with. Rick, Michonne and Carol confront Morgan on his inability to kill.

Cam is bitten by a walker
Cam is bitten by a walker

Outside Alexandria: Daryl returns the insulin to Dwight, but then the group is ambushed by Wade and his men (who are probably Negan's Saviors). Fortunately Daryl lures one of Wades men close to a walker and after the incident, Wade's group leaves.

Alexandria: Deanna passes on her plans to expand the town, Rosita teaches townsfolk to use machetes.

Outside Alexandria: Glenn finds Enid in a diner and makes her to accompany him back to Alexandria. The pair find the green balloons that had been left for Glenn to release when the quarry mission was accomplished. Enid attaches them to her bag.

Ron steals bullets
Ron steals bullets

Alexandria: Tobin and Rick work on reinforcing Alexandria's weakening walls. Ron steals bullets from the armory.

Outside Alexandria: While waiting for Daryl, Abraham finds a rocket launcher. Glenn and Enid reach the outskirts of Alexandria and find it surrounded by walkers.

Alexandria: Spencer tried to climb a wire out of the safe zone, his plan fails and he is saved by Rick, Tara and several others. Morgan visits Denise to get medical equipment for the captures Wolf. Ron follows Carl and reaches for his gun. Maggie spots Glenn's green balloons, and the watchtower falls on Alexandria's walls, creating a huge gap for the herd to pour in.

The watchtower falls and let's walkers pour in
The watchtower falls and let's walkers pour in

Outside Alexandria: Tina is killed by two walkers, and after seeming like Dwight and Sherry will accompany Daryl back to Alexandria, Daryl is double crossed and robbed of his bike and crossbow. Daryl locates the lost "Patty" and uses it to drive back to town and find Sasha and Abraham. As the trio return to Alexandria a mystery voiced radios them, asking for help.

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, November 29th on AMC

Source: The Walking Dead Wikia


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