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There aren't many other celebrities like Shia LaBeouf who could be so bizarrely mesmerizing to just watch exist. During , we laughed with him, we cringed with him, and we felt warm inside when he smiled.

As a fan of the artist/actor/general life go getter, I'd like to share some of his most profound, life affirming and mind enhancing quotes with you. In the delightful form of motivational posters, these will probably make you run through walls and become an overnight success.

Now, it's important we remember the guy knows how to light the fire in your belly - who can forget this inspiring speech:

So sit back, relax and let these words of wisdom be the catalyst for a new and more motivated you.

1. Shia on Art

Following his epic film-a-thon, Shia was really vocal about his love for pizza.

"There was a point where I remember eating the pizza and this guy in the back got the pizza and he was like, ‘F--k yeah! Pizza!’ Everybody giggled. It was humanizing for me"

Shia loves pizza so much, it produced this cheesy quote, sugar coated in the form of motivational juiciness.

2. Shia on Predicting Success

Our dreams can come true. We just need to believe. Shia gives us the belief to follow through with our dreams, no matter how creepily precise those dreams are.

Oh, did I mention my dream is to meet Jennifer Lawrence? I'm still waiting for it to happen.

3. Shia on Jumping in the Deep End

Sometimes in life, we need that little push to leave our comfort zone. It's a scary process, but one that is necessary for us to grow.

Digest Shia's knowledge bomb and feel those comfort zones melt away. GO WIN AT LIFE!

4. Shia on Community

Social media isn't real life kids - Shia said so. Whilst I don't advocate joining the Hells Angels (mainly due to the safety hazards it comes with) we do need to give more, and take less.

Less Facebook. More calls. Less Twitter. More face to face conversations. The world will be a better place.

5. Shia on Magical Human Connections

That's some freaky, unexplained sh*t going on right there. We are all connected, we are all one, we are all unified. Yawning (and Shia) says so.

6. Shia on the Animal Kingdom

I can't argue with this. He's laid it all out as plain as daylight. Aren't dogs a man's best friend? No. Penguins are.

I feel ready to take on the world!

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