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George Lucas may be the man who gave Star Wars to the world, but he's also the guy responsible for Episodes I to III, aka the Prequel Trilogy, aka those films everybody hated - or, to put it another way, he's the reason for Jar Jar Binks, and that makes it very easy for people to take shots.

Which is exactly what Saturday Night Live did this weekend during a sketch simply titled Star Wars Screen Tests.

JJ Abrams introduced the montage of clips which sees celebs like Emma Stone (the real one), Jon Hamm (the real one) and Sofia Vergara (not the real one) line up to audition for a role in The Force Awakens.

Check it out...

It's a pretty funny skit, especially new star John Boyega poking fun at the internet trolls who couldn't believe Star Wars was getting a black lead character...

But by far the highlight of the reel is a brief appearance from George Lucas, which you might very well think was the legend himself but, on closer inspection, is actually Bobby Moynihan pulling off a flawless impersonation.

Adele was the musical guest of the week and also the subject of the other best sketch the episode had to offer, titled "A Thanksgiving Miracle", in which her hit song Hello proves to be the glue that holds a family together this festive season.

The best bit is when the action randomly moves outdoors to recreate the song's music video, and a few of the cast discover that lipsyncing whilst facing a wind machine isn't always as easy as you'd think.

Judging by his recent, somewhat humourless comments about being hated by the world post-Prequelgate, it seems unlikely that George Lucas would see the funny side of his cameo in the Star Wars skit, but perhaps we'll never understand the pain of being a misunderstood genius. Chin up, George.


Which skit was funnier?


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