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BEFORE YOU READ THIS THERE ARE MAJOR CONFIRMED SPOILERS IN MY POST HERE! DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT NEXT WEEK'S MID-SEASON FINALE! Now that being said let's get on with it... I just got thru w/reading your post listed here and want to let ya know (in case you're not aware as of yet) that 1 of the things mentioned in the Rick/Carl section will happen in next week's mid-season finale. What is it? Well it's that Carl does get shot in the eye & Jessie's oldest son is the culprit. Jessie's younger son gets mauled by walkers, she dies in the process of trying to save him by 1st: getting bit on the arm & 2nd: Rick quickly cuts it off in trying to save her but dies anyway. Rob, the older son then goes into a rage and tries shooting Rick. Carl sees this, tries to stop him and gets shot in the right eye. Rick goes mad and starts killing every walker he sees right after Michonne immediately cuts Rob down with her samurai. How true is this you ask? Absolutely 100% true! Carl has even been walking around on set with a bandage wrapped around his head covering his right eye. Don't believe me? Check it out then b'cos there have been pictures taken of him wearing this by fans hanging around outside the closed set. There are 4 different pics of him on different TWD 'fan-sites'. These are the same websites that proved Glenn was alive just days after the popular episode titled 'Thank You' was aired. It which showed pics of him as well filming scenes that haven't been shown in any episodes as of yet. Hell there were two pics alone that showed him doing scenes with the upcoming familiar character who goes by the name 'Jesus'.

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