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I am always on the lookout for a new up and coming slasher flick that I want to brag about simply because of the potential of finding the “next slasher icon” status that it may create. For many years we had Jason, Freddy, Michael to keep us occupied in the Horror/Slasher genre. Eventually Candyman came into the picture… That was great and all, however the Slasher era has pretty much died and we need to begin bringing it back! This film is a great tribute to 80’s style slashers like “Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)” !

Now, this film will not be the start of the rebirth of an icon (At least it does not appear to be doing that.); it does however bring us Christmas Horror film that can be added to our collection of Holiday Horror to watch and it also revitalizes Slasher Flicks for those who love them! Todd Nunes has created a great film that had somewhat of an original plot added to some already fun original horror tricks that we are used to! I specifically love how it played out at the end.. a twist that we have seen before however done so much more effortlessly than most films.In most films with twists like this, they try so hard to make you think the story is going one way to try and dupe you at the end and usually you already know what's going to happen... Boring.. Not this film!

The cast did an amazing job, I loved the role of Ashley Mary Nunes! She was seriously impressive, when I watch horror films of any type it makes me want to hit my television when acting sucks.. She was the opposite and it was a nice touch to this film! Melynda Kiring also kicked serious ass with her role as well!! The rest of the cast also really impressed, it was not over the top ridiculous acting and it made this film worth the watch and praise!

Todd fucking killed it by making sure there was plenty of kills, yes.. many kills in this film and the first one you never see coming unless you already know ahead of time her role in the film! I will not spoil that for anyone. Anyone that can pull off a Slasher flick and keep me interested without boring me to death is a genius (I am not the end all be all of critics though..) and I will support them as much as I can!

Check out the trailer for "ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE" below and show your support to indie films and Director Todd Nunes!!


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