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If there's any way to ruin a secret, it's with facial hair.

In what many Star Wars fans have jokingly described as "Beard Watch 2k15", forums have been guessing at whether actor Mark Hamill -- who brought Luke Skywalker to life in the original trilogy -- will return for [Star Wars: Episode VIII](tag:711868). The actor has made it pretty clear that he dislikes rocking the Jedi beard (his "contractually obligated beard", in his own words), which is probably why he's so vocal about when he can and can't shave.

Luckily for his Ultra Passionate Fans (or UPFs, an adorable term that Hamill came up with himself, though I prefer "Hamill Head Sharks", personally) the ceremonious re-growing of the beard means that we're definitely going to see Luke Skywalker in Episode VIII.

This isn't particularly new news, since it was reported that the actor and Daisy Ridley (who plays Rey, a new heroine in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)) were previously either doing re-shoots for The Force Awakens, or beginning the early shoots for Episode VIII.

Luke Skywalker has been one of the biggest mysteries so far when it comes to the new sequel trilogy -- despite the massive marketing that kicked off in September, Skywalker hasn't been seen at all in his current state of being. Fans have speculated on everything from Luke turning to the dark side (which totally destroys his character arc from the original trilogy, in my opinion) to simply appearing as a Force Ghost, having died before The Force Awakens began. But that's all speculation, and fans will simply have to wait just a little while longer until the film debuts on December 18th.


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