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Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already been confirmed to play Negan on [The Walking Dead](tag:201193), but he made it even more official on The Chew, a cooking show on ABC where he appeared and let it be known that he had a possible appearance this season and that he would for sure show up next season.

"You may see me this season and then next year you'll see me, as well," Morgan started. "If you're familiar with the comic books, it's a role of a guy named Negan who sort of just kicks everybody's ass."

Here's the footage from the show:

If you have any more reservations of this casting decision, just look below at this side-by-side image of Negan and Morgan. It's pretty damn fantastic to say the least.

He sure does look the part! Negan's introduction is something that a lot of the fans of the comics are looking forward to. Morgan is as well...

"I'm looking forward to it," Morgan says. "It's gonna be fun." He appeared in issue #100, infamously and that intro will be mirrored (no spoilers here for those who watch but don't read) on the show. The rumor is that his intro will happen in the finale of season six, set to air April 5, 2016.


When do you think they'll intro Negan?
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