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Despite his fate being seemingly set in ice in the season 5 finale by a violent mutiny, it would appear that Jon Snow will be returning to Game of Thrones, although slightly worse for the wear.

While those working on the show, including Kit Harrington, have stuck to their guns in saying that Jon Snow is dead, we have reason to believe otherwise. Having been spotted on set and now included in promotional images indicates that bleeding out on the Wall is not the last we'll be seeing from the Bastard of Winterfell.

HBO released the following image of the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch with a blood-spattered face, teasing the premiere of Game of Thrones season 6.

Just because Jon Snow is back doesn't mean he evaded death. A lot of theories swirling around the Internet suggest that he did die at the Wall, but he will later be resurrected by Melisandre.

Because he died, his Night's Watch oath will have technically been fulfilled and he'll be able to leave the Wall and return to Winterfell to reclaim his legacy.

Game of Thrones season 6 will return to HBO in April 2016.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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