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Critics are really liking Creed, the Rocky spin-off written and directed by Ryan Coogler and starring Sly Stallone alongside Michael B. Jordan. MBJ plays Adonis Johnson-Creed, who is tasked with the difficult goal of forging his own identity even though he's the son of a legend.

So, what does that legend think about the movie? Well, Carl Weathers, who plays Apollo Creed from the original movies, is digging it. Check out the fictional father and son showing each other some love on Twitter:

MBJ with his two fictional father figures

Carl Weathers was incredibly happy with the finished product, as you can tell from his Tweets.

The character, Rocky Balboa, that Sylvester Stallone created is very much a man of principal and a proponent of hard work and getting yourself in the right position to be successful. Here he is talking to his son in Rocky IV, and trust me... if you see Creed, prepare yourself for more of these types of moments.

What I loved about the movie was that Rocky Balboa treats Adonis Creed like his son, and that treatment benefits both men. Without spoiling it, there are obviously things Adonis needs from Rocky — like training and expertise — but there are also things Adonis has to offer Rocky.

See for yourself this Thanksgiving. Creed officially hits theaters November 25th!

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