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This week I’m talking out of my ass about Lady and the Tramp. I saw this when I was really little. I think I actually saw it projected from a projector.

Vault Disney #15: Lady and the Tramp

The following are notes as I barely watched the film, and now adding in some annotations. Missing the of whole point watching it YAY! This in a way is an exercise in writing. Bad writing, or just writing for the sake of writing for yourself without being judgmental. If you actually want a post about this film that’s constructed with thought and provides a review of value (here’s that self-judgement), you should read Jaysen Headley’s post on Lady and the Tramp!

Was this the First letterbox? Wide screen? Disney film?

Animation looks much more modem.

The story itself is even set in a more modern time.

Not sure fantasy land. Maybe “sure” is supposed to be “pure?”

No princes and princesses in this story.

Jaysen points out that it’s the first Disney rom-com.



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