ByAlex Dyer, writer at

He's best known for playing God of Thunder Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Chris Hemsworth is certainly a little less Norse God, a little more malnourished sailor for his new film "In the Heart of the Sea".

The Australian actor slimmed down drastically for his role in the Ron Howard-directed movie. He plays Owen Chase, the first mate of a whaling ship that is sunk by a sperm whale, based on the true story that inspired Moby Dick. The survivors are then shipwrecked for 90 days.

Hemsworth took to Twitter yesterday to reveal just how far he went to slim down for the role. Posting a photo of himself, the usually buff star looks nothing but frail.

He told Entertainment Weekly that he "spent more time thinking about food than anything else" while on the 500-calorie-a-day diet that the actor jokingly dubbed the "Lost At Sea" diet.

At least he has plenty of time to bulk up again before filming begins for "Thor: Ragnarok". Someone get Hemsworth some Shawarma, stat!

"In the Heart of the Sea" opens in cinemas on December 11.


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