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Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all!


I still remember every word to that entire theme song, and it's obvious why: it was a very epic opening for some very legendary episodes.

One standout character was Misty, a fiery tomboy redhead whose mission it was to become the best Water Pokémon Trainer. She would even provide some guidance to Ash while he was stuck in battle, and had no issue dragging Brock away by the ear when he was more interested in flirting with women than training his Pokémon.

Misty is a favorite for many to cosplay, as she is a badass babe with some comfy red sneakers and adorable suspenders to match. Below is a list of killer Misty cosplay that makes me wish I had a ginger wig to pull this look off.

1. Vera Baby Misty

Cosplayer: Vera Baby

Photographer: Colin Douglas Gray

2. Misty Sitting Pretty

Cosplayer: palladineve4

3. Misty, We Lav-itz

Cosplayer: Ryuu Lavtiz

4. Peace, Love, Togepi

Cosplayer: WhiteSpringPro

5. Look Into Those Baby Blues

Cosplayer: MaceRider

Photographer: Kawaielli

6. She's My Best Friend

Cosplayer: Illisia Cosplay

Photographer: Vrael Valentine

7. Brawny Misty

Cosplayer: Zee JiNxXx Kotwal

Photographer: E Photography

I just had to include the last one; I couldn't help myself.

If this young lady could be the leader of the Cerulean Gym, then I could get my ass to the gym a few times a week.

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