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Oscar De La Hoya, a.k.a the Golden Boy, is a happy man right now. East LA's White Memorial Medical Center's cancer unit, aptly named the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center (after Oscar's mother), will be receiving a check for $100,000 straight from the Jigga Man himself, Jay Z.

The two celebrities placed a bet on the Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez fight, which Cotto lost. De La Hoya and Jay Z clearly had skin in the game outside of the bet, with Canelo Alvarez being repped by Golden Boy Promotions, De La Hoya's company, and Cotto being repped by Roc Nation, Jay Z's.

It's got to hurt that Jay Z's man couldn't come through for him, but it's a good thing that this was more than just a gamble. It was a charity PR move that both men would've been happy to pay regardless. However, the loss in the ring probably dealt a more devastating blow than the loss in pocket change.

To both men, $100,000 isn't much. I mean, Sean Carter (Jay Z) is worth $550 million and Oscar De La Hoya (a successful boxer in his day) $200 million. I think the two men are both proud guys, so I'm sure that the ego boost was more important than the money for De La Hoya. Just guessing, though.

I don't know, re-watching that weigh in and face-off, I'm not too sure Miguel was ready.

Cotto may have lost, but at least he didn't get knocked out. This isn't the last we'll see of the Roc Nation fighter. I am hoping for the best for him, and I think he'll make Jay Z proud to have him signed on some time soon.

Jay Z can use a few of his $100 dollar bills to wipe away those tears of defeat...



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