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I hardly ever miss a chance to see a movie with Seth Rogen in it (With the exception of The Guilt Trip). Sorry Seth but I wasn't interested in that one. Coming off of a great performance in the Steve Jobs movie and seeing him in person I was eagerly anticipating seeing him in a comedy role. This is a story about three friends who have made it a Christmas tradition to spend Christmas Eve together for the last fourteen years. How they began their tradition and how they have evolved through the years. Now things have slowly changed over time. Isaac (Seth Rogen) has a wife and is expecting a baby soon. Chris (Anthony Mackie) has fame and fortune with his football career and then there is Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Ethan has yet to move forward in his life and just recently broken up with his girlfriend Diana (Lizzy Caplan) and hasn't gotten over her yet. Isaac and Chris are making this their last Night Before and Isaac even has the full support of his wife Betsy (Jillian Bell) and she makes sure he has a full arsenal of drugs to have the best night ever.

We go on their journey through their usual traditions but one thing has always eluded them every year: A secret party they could never find but this year Ethan just happens to get a hold of three tickets for them. Along the way they run into several crazy characters and we get to see a couple of great cameos. One in particular that had me actually laughing out loud. I usually keep that to myself but it was just too funny. I will say the movie started out a little slow, so it took a little bit to build the backstory but once they were on their way and having a fun night in New York City and who wouldn't have fun in NYC. Since I always like to keep my reviews a little vague and no spoilers I won't go into to much detail but a scene near the end with Mr. Green (Michael Shannon) talking to Ethan is one of my favorites due to the subject matter they are discussing on the rooftop where the secret party is held.

So I suggest you definitely check this movie out. It will give you some good laughs and get you in the holiday spirit. The Night Before is currently in Theaters now.


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