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So I watched Daredevil on Netflix back in spring and i loved it. Right now i'm in the process of watching Jessica Jones, I love it. As I was watching it i thought o my self, these Netflix originals are awesome. imagine if DC comics had a Netflix original. So i made a list of the top 5 shows i would want to see.

1. Nightwing

I would love a Nightwing show in the arrow-verse more than a Netflix original, even though on Netflix they could make it more gory. but i would still love to see a Nightwing Netflix original it would e like the daredevil of the dc Netflix original series.

2. Power Girl

OK i legitimately found no picture of power girl that i deemed appropriate enough. sorry

power Girl would be interesting. it would probably something kinda like super girl meets Jessica Jones. there is no doubt though that this show would probably be a little sexual like Jessica Jones. but I still really like the character, i mean did you see her in batman and superman public enemies she has cool powers so i would like this show.

3. Wildcat

Yeah, Yeah i know he was already on arrow, but i mean come on this would be a pretty cool show. what if this show was like a prequel kind of to arrow and it showed Wildcat before he met Oliver Queen. I would like that a lot. this one or Nightwing would be my favorite.

4. Rorschach

Rorschach would be a show that you really couldn't do much with, except for have fun making it, and watching it. I loved the watchmen movie and Rorschach was without a figment of a doubt my favorite character this would be a fun show to watch that couldn't really tie in with anything but it would still be awesome.

5. Teen Titans

Again this one is a show that is in the works and should be releasing next year or so. But it would do so much better as a Netflix original. for one they would not have to censor anything which makes it a good show right there. but i mean really, who watches TNT network. and besides more people have Netflix over cable anyways (i have both). so give it to us on Netflix, please. Thank you.


Which would you want to have as a Netflix original?


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