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For the past several weeks, Moviepilot University held its second semester and only those who signed up and survived all the lessons and all the article writing can safely say they survived. But what does graduating grant you besides a certificate that they send you in the mail? I am here to let you know in my first Post Graduation article here.

The following is a list of everything you will either learn firsthand, or upon graduating, will learn that you could not have completed the course without. Heed my words of wisdom carefully or you could end up having this become worse then any regular University course you ever failed in!

  • Your Assigned Mentor is your best friend and worst critic all in one. Upon the course beginning, all Creators who join are assigned for the full duration of Moviepilot University a mentor chosen from the MP website and page staff personally to oversee all their articles being submitted, to annotate (providing editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure errors, sourcing errors, media link errors), and to provide suggestions to help make articles sound the best they can be. Never ever believe that you know more then your Mentor because they will always surprise you.

Mentors are also there to help you out when you run out of ideas. They have been there longer then most Creators and in fact all MP Staff began as Creators so they know exactly what to do and not to do to help creators reach their full potential. If you can not learn to trust your Mentor and allow them to grant you the benefit of their long term experience, you will regret it forever!

  • Research amount and new vocabulary usage increase dramatically. Yes when you write articles for Moviepilot University, you must prepare to spend weeks days hours and sometimes over a month doing nothing besides researching writing editing submitting and finally publishing. Spelling errors you do not fix in your editing before you publish will always come back to haunt you either in the form of comments left by trolling fans or by fellow Creators.

What many besides Creators and MP Staff fail to realize is that articles can always be edited. However comments can not be edited because currently the website does not allow that. So when readers get on our cases because we misspell words or use the wrong character/movie/city/ names etc, they should beware more then us if their comments are misspelled because once you enter and submit a comment, everyone reading the article in question will see your comment for as long as it remains on this website. As well, with the huge amount of research every Creator and member of the MP Staff here puts into their articles, it is inevitable that even the newest Creators will leave Moviepilot University with a better understanding of how to word and write articles because with so much research you can not help but increase your vocabulary in order to survive.

  • Time management becomes mandatory to survive the deadline for each lesson weekly. Each lesson in this past semester was uploaded first to a certain Youtube Channel then published in the secret Moviepilot University group here on Facebook. As the semester lasted six weeks, there were a total of six lessons. Each of them lasted one week before being replaced in the group by the next week's lesson. During the week a certain lesson is being taught, course Creators must follow the teaching of that lesson in every article they write, edit and submit. However they must make certain to submit articles before the day that the next lesson is created. Those like me who submitted later faced the consequence of having their articles annotated later as well as having to wait longer to be able to publish said articles after editing them too.

When you must submit and publish at least a minimum of twenty four articles in six weeks, you have to always begin the very day the lesson appears, unless skilled and talented enough to have all your articles written in the first week. But if you do be prepared to constantly edit, edit, edit them all because you never know what new lesson topics will come until posted.

I look forward to seeing next year's Creators graduate but remember only members of this website who are Creators are allowed to join. Watch for a new article coming when the new course is accepting registrants.


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